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Alexandrea Alpower

by Bonnie3

Bonnie3 There is a special girl in the woods. But what makes her so special?
Long ago, there was a 4 year old girl named Alex. She was camping with her family. But the next day the camper was gone so she went into the woods to see if they went on a hike. Then she got attacked by pokemon of all types. She took a deep breath and breathed out fire! Then her eyes turned blue and lifted up a tree! The pokemon scattered like mice. Suddenly, it started raining down hard, so she started to look for shelter. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a cave less then ten feet away. When she looked inside she found a family of Riolu and Lucario. At first the pokemon were alarmed, but Alex pulled some Oran berries out of her pocket, so they ate them and let her stay the night. The next day they taught her how to hunt for food. By the end of the day, she had found 5 Passho berries and 1 Starf berry. 8 years later she knew karate. She had to leave so they gave her a Riolu because she had to find her family. So they started their journey together.
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