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Alexandrea Alpower Part 2

by Bonnie3

Bonnie3 12 year old Alex is going on a hike and finds some new friends...but who?
Alex was walking in the woods when she heard something behind a bush...''Hey guys , I think pikachu smells a pokemon behind this bush .'' Alex gasped when she saw 4trainers and a pikachu .''pika pika.''Said the Pikachu. Alex used her psychic to make them float in the air .'' Who are you.'' Alex said.'' well know who you are. '' She said while she gently put Pikachu down. ''I'm Ash'' Ash said . Ash rubbed his eyes and said to himself .'' Your hot.'' ''I'm Clemet, and this is my little sister , Bonnie . ''I'm Surena.''Alex put them down too.Pikachu run to Alex's leg. She kneeled down and scratched Pikachu's chin.''How did you make us float ? ''asked Clemet. ''It's a secret.'' said Alex. ''will you join us on our journey?''Ash asked. ''sure''.alex said
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