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Airalyn: Airalyn - Pt 3, Our Saviour

by Ombree

Ombree Pt 3! Leave a like if you enjoy this series, I have a lot of fun writing it! :)
Down, down, down they fell. Towards the crashing ocean. Airalyn grabbed Sapphire and clutched her close to her, any second they would be smashed to pieces by the sharp rocks and roaring waves.

A red streak passed through the sky, speeding towards Airalyn and Sapphire. One moment they were falling, the second they were zooming through the air on the back of a Pokemon. Airalyn looked down at the Pokemon with curiosity, which Pokemon was it? The Pokemon looked back at them and Airalyn gasped. "Latias?" Airalyn said with disbelief. "La! Lati!" The Latias said with happiness. Airalyn couldn't believe her eyes, or ears. It really was the legendary Latias!

They sped through the air towards a small town, Airalyn saw the people pointing and gasping at the sight of the Latias. Sapphire was happily chatting away to the Latias, talking about all sorts of things. The Latias gently landed outside of the Pokemon Center and turned around to look at Airalyn and Sapphire. "Th- Thank you" Airalyn whispered to the Latias. Latias nodded its head and smiled, then it raced off into the sky. From that moment on, Airalyn knew what she was destined to be... A Pokemon trainer.