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Against the Champion

by NocturnalNetwork

NocturnalNetwork First time I post a written work here. For the #flashchallenge. This is a story about me challenging Steven. Believe it or not, this is [a part] real.
"Go Metagross!" Steven yelled. I'll never forget that day.
It was all to be a training...but I entered the wrong place. And, tada, I was challenging the Hoenn Elite 4.
Red Eyes, my Tentacruel, and HC, my Heracross, were already fainted from the battles against the other members of it. That meant I only had Blue, my Swampert, Champion, my Machoke, Indigo, my Swellow, and Storm, my Manectric left, already tired. First I sent out Champion, that KOed Armaldo and Cradily, but fell to Claydol and it's Psychic. Then Storm come and defeated Claydol with Bites. But fell to Aggron's Earthquake. Indigo was OHKOed by Aggron's Thunder. Only Blue was left, but knocked out Aggron and Skarmory.
But...there was a beast coming. Metagross. Blue had already lost some of his HP. Then...Metagross used Earthquake. It was, for my sadness, a critical hit. But, for my surprise, Torrent activated. Blue used Surf...and KOed Metagross.
"Blue! You did it!" I yelled, hugging Blue. He almost wrecked me. XD
Brendan come in. "WHERE'S THE CHAMPION?!" Brendan yelled to Steven.
"I am sorry, but Lati is now the new Champion." Steven replied.
"NOOO!" Brendan yelled as my Pokémon were being healed. I registered us in the Hall of Fame.
That wasn't the end of my journey, however. And, I can even say...
The beggining of another.
The End...?
  1. Adrian2AMBoss
    Wow. That's Really Creative.
    Sep 28, 2014
  2. CombuskenBrazil
    Great battle! XD
    Sep 28, 2014
  3. SwiftNinetalez
    Lati is the new champion! but his first challenger is Brendan.. :3
    Sep 22, 2014