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Alola: again and again!

by Zcraftgaming

Zcraftgaming sorry this was rushed i had 20% percent of battery
Ash hit the ground hard pikachu in his arms. squinting with the pain he sat up "Ash are you okay "Serena called . "yep but oww" he said looking around the six foot deep hole around him. Serena threw down a rope "here Ash grab hold". he grabbed it and pulled himself out. "i wonder who set that trap"."You should know by now" a feminine voice echoed through the valley."Prepare for trouble" "and make it double" said another voice said. As the team rocket balloon appeared out of nowhere . "No not you guys again"Then out of nowhere a metal hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed pikachu. " thank chu very much" said James "bombs away" said the meowth and dropped a grey pellet and it exploded. when it dispersed the balloon was gone. "Pikachu!" ash yelled and ran in the direction he had seen the balloon