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Aetheria Guides and Lore: Aetheria: A Beginner's Guide: UPDATE! v:1.1

by Gamefreak1996

Gamefreak1996 New update to the RP game Aetheria: Kingdom of the Dragons
A new update is now out for players with new content!

New Weapons:
Daggers (up to tier IV): Equippable by apprentices, clerics, shifters, archers, snipers, shifter IIs, rouges, assassins, and thieves. Also equippable by the new classes Monk and Brawler. These weapons are meant for close combat, capable of delivering speedy blows. While not as strong as a sword, it's got a higher critical hit ratio than swords.

Knuckle Dusters (up to tier IV): Equippable by shifters, shifter IIs, and the new classes, monks and brawlers. Make the most of the first weapon: your own body. With these weapons, you can apply martial arts to bring your enemies down with swift and powerful blows.

New Classes:
(ROOK) Monk: Can wield daggers and knuckle dusters up to tier III, and wear light armor of the same tier. These hard hitters are capable of using martial arts and close quarters combat to deliver a brutal beat down to their enemies. Their stats mostly focus on great physical stats and speed, though not as much on magic stats or HP. They have the class perk Sharpened Focus, which temporarily raises the critical hit ratio of the player.

(KNIGHT) Brawler: Evolves from the Monk class. Can wield tier IV daggers and knuckle dusters, and gains access to tier 3 swords. Armor choice remains the same(light, of the same tier as daggers and knuckle dusters accessiblity), as does the stat spread, although magic defense and HP are slightly improved on.

We hope that you'll give the new classes and content a try. Enjoy, and thank you all for playing Aetheria: Kingdom of the Dragons!

(link to RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/aetheria-the-kingdom-of-dragons.15560/)
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