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Aetheria Guides and Lore: Aetheria: A Beginner's Guide; NPCs and Geography of Aetheria

by Gamefreak1996

Gamefreak1996 The next chapter to the Guidebook to Aetheria, discussing the NPCs and Geography of Aetheria, including it's locations and inhabitants.
Note: The following is a guide for those who plan to join my roleplay: Aetheria: Kingdom of the Dragons. This is not a guide for a real game.

Welcome back, rookie adventurer! Last time, we went over the weapons and classes you could use in the world of Aetheria. But now, we're entering the subject of the world in of itself. So strap yourselves in, ladies and gents. It is now time for us to take a tour of the world of Aetheria.

The Six Continents
There are six continents that make up the total landmass in Aetheria. They are Noregia, the continent of water and ice, Atmos, the continent of wind and lightning, Atlas, the continent of earth and nature, Infera, the continent of fire, and Azoth, the continent of beginnings, and Nullos, the wasteland continent. We will take a look at each of the six continents in detail, from their NPC inhabitants, to their cultures, and the landscape and major towns of each.

Azoth: Azoth is the very first continent one spawns on when the first begin this game. It lies in the very center of the world, and is inhabited by human-like NPCs with white hair known as Azothians, who excel at political views, education, and the arts. In the center of this world, a massive golden monolith/tower stands, supposedly linked to the creation of this world. As for the landscape itself, it is a harmonious blend between fantasy city development and nature. Forests, meadows and grasslands are abundant, and the farmlands are always a nice relaxing sight. Mountains gently rise and fall along the horizon, adding to the charm. As the center continent, it has become a massive center for trade and commerce between the other continents, and is home to the origins of magic and alchemy (the latter of the two soon to be added via update). Temples, shops, and especially laboratories and festivals of all kinds are found within the capital of Azoth, Soluna. However, if you need a lift to an off-shore continent or location, you can travel to Cellios, the Harbor town and catch a ship to the location. The monsters existing here can range from all sorts of creatures, from werewolves to imps to even the mighty manticore or chimera.

Noregia: In the northernmost reaches of the world lies the continent Noregia, where it wouldn't be an understatement to say winter lasts forever. The cold climate, jagged mountains, tundras and enormous glaciers make this place one of the most difficult places to live in. And yet, there exists the camps of the Noregians, the NPC inhabitants of this land. These viking-like people live the hardened lives of warriors, relying on mercenary work or battle for much of their income. However, that does not make them barbaric, as each Noregian is to follow a strict code of honor. These NPCs respect those who can survive in their turf, and in a battle. The monsters living here range from the mighty Polar Tribe (polar bear like monsters in scout, sentinal, and chief formats), to the ferocious furred variants of wyverns. The capital of this continent is Ordin, one of the few permanent settlements on this continent, as most Noregions migrate depending on the time of year.

Infera: To the northwest of Azoth, there supposedly exists a continent composed of multiple peninsulas, islands, and archipelagos, a place where summer is the dominant season of the land. This is the region of Infera, named so for the enormous volcano at the center of it all. Here, the inhabitants create some of the greatest weapons and tools known to Aetheria, and even show signs of industrial works in progress. These people are the Goblins, and they are master craftsmen. Standing at about the same height as average humans in this world, with fiery red hair and curved ears, the goblins live under a monarch who does whatever he can to keep his people happy and safe. The king rules from the capital built on the southern-most island, Kau'lo. Monsters range from sirens to shark-like ripjaws, to the feared Leviathan. Beside being the best place to temper steel in the ironworks, the volcano, as well as the desert around it, is also said to harbor a sleeping deity...

Atmos: This continent is similar to Infera as it is mostly composed of of islands and peninsulas. However, instead of floating admist the waters, the islands float above the clouds. In order to reach Atmos, you would have to meet the Atmosian hunting party in Azoth, and, after completing their event quest, ask them for a ride. The Atmosians are Atmos's NPC inhabitants, and masters at taming monsters, specifically wyverns. People say out of all the races, they are most similar to the dragons, as they have eyes and canines like that of dragons and even small horns, but bear a human appearance. They have a culture that is a blend of Native American and Feudal Japanese, and often hunt in the lands below as they fly across the blue skies. The capital of Atmos, Iza, is a beautiful oriental city with a shrine to the "Eternal Sky Guardian", who's might is still unknown to players everywhere. Wyverns and other flying monsters live here as well, along with ground monsters like the ferocious Zeus Hound or the giant insects such as Lion Ants.

Atlas: Atlas is the largest continent of them all, and the most diverse. Curving around the South-Southwest of Azoth, This behemoth of a landmass is home to lush jungles and forests, highlands and hills, valleys and marshlands, and even a desert on it's easternmost stretch. The NPC inhabitants of this island, the Animaes as they're called, enjoy either Celtic-like or tribal culture depending on location, have animal traits to their human figure, and enjoy the fairly mild weather throughout the year. Out of all continents, this is the only one with two capital cities, Ur and Kala. Ur is a town of regal form, with giant marble walls and high watchtowers that, rumor has it, allow you to see Atmos from the ground. However, it wasn't always as wondrous as it is today. The monsters here are also extremely various, from insects to animal-like, and even dinosaur-like monsters roam the lands.

Nullos: The final continent, far to the very east of the world, and the only one that remains unoccupied by the NPC inhabitants. Nullos is a lifeless wasteland, not counting the swarms of monsters scouring the land. Players skilled enough have reported to find strange ruins dotting the landscape, and a large temple that contains something beyond their knowledge...

NPCs (non-player controlled) are interactive people who originally live here in Aetheria. Despite being programs, they somehow have sentience and emotions like any player would. They are distinguished from real players and enemies by a blue marker over their heads (as opposed to a player's yellow marker, or enemy's red marker). If you kill an NPC, they will simply respawn at their set starting point (i.e. the shop they run, if any, or where their daily routine starts).

Well, that's all for today. It might be a short chapter, but I hope you learned more of the world of Aetheria, it's inhabitants, and that you use this knowledge to your best advantage.

Link to RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/aetheria-the-kingdom-of-dragons.15560/
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