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Aetheria Guides and Lore: Aetheria: A Beginner's Guide, Introduction, Equipment and Classes

by Gamefreak1996

Gamefreak1996 #Roleplay
Note: The following is a guide for those who plan to join my Roleplay: Aetheria: Kingdom of the Dragons. This is not a guide for a real game (though it may hopefully become one someday, as I plan to be a video game developer.)

Welcome to the Virtual World of Aetheria, A land of infinite wonder and high adventure! If you are reading this now, You're probably wondering: What is Aetheria? Allow us to elaborate:

It is the year AD 2064, and technology has flourished beyond what it once was. It is a new enlightenment, and the field of Video Game Technology is no exception. With new concepts and planes of virtual reality expanding, games are beginning to feel more and more immersive as we take our own minds to the limits. One such game is Aetheria: Kingdom of the Dragons. In this MMORPG, players are allowed to customize their own characters, classes, and stat growth allowing for infinite ways to play.

It is now your turn to step into the virtual world of Aetheria to find what great experiences await you. If you ever need help, you can always refer to this guide for reminders of classes, weapon types, Items, Locations, and more. For this chapter, we will go over the equipment and classes.

Let's start with the equipment. Weapons and Armor fit into this category, and there are also equipment tiers. As you go up the tiers, equipment becomes stronger, but harder to find or craft. Also, it should be noted that equipment can break from overuse and will eventually need to be repaired. You can do this at any NPC equipment shop. As you might've guessed at this point, the higher the tier, the more difficult the equipment in question will be to repair. The equipment types include:

Swords: Probably the most iconic of all weapons, no RPG is complete without some form of this razor sharp steel and handle. Swords come in a variety of styles in Aetheria ranging from katanas to claymores. They are statistically the most balanced and easy to use weapons in the game, and give wielders a leg up against axe users, but are weak against Polearms users.

Axes and Hammers: The heavy hitting weapons, but also tend to limit your mobility a bit. these weapons are strong against polearms users, and hammers are devastating against heavily armored units, but they also have a weakness to sword users. Note that some axes and hammers can be thrown for better reach, and sometimes better damage.

Polearms: A stick is probably the most basic tool or weapon one might imagine, but slap some iron on one (or both) end(s), and you've got a long-reaching polearm. Their long reach and durability make them useful for countering sword wielders, but users of this class would be weak to axe or hammer users. They also give you a slight defensive boost, and some can be even thrown for a better range.

Longbows and Crossbows: Pretty much two sides of the same coin, each side has it's pros and cons. Bows are easier on the mobility and do moderate damage, and they also have a longer range than any melee weapon. Crossbows have a slightly longer range than a bow, and dish out more power, but take longer to reload and slow the user down a bit. So, the saying goes: Longbow, quick and nimble sharpshooting; Crossbow, powerful ranged sniping. Their strength depends on the weapons and physical attack stat of the wielder.

Tomes: These might look like ordinary books, but open one up, and you'll gain access to the power of natural forces such as Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Light and Darkness. Tomes can do a lot of damage, but also wear down more quickly than all other weapons, especially at higher tiers. so have extra material items in stock if you plan to use them,and be sure to carry a couple extra tomes in battle if you must.

Staves: Do you have a party member who's been injured or inflicted with a status ailment? Need to transport a member of your party from one place to another quickly? Then just wave this magical piece of wood toward them, and it'll happen. The staves are meant for pure support, and not combat. Using them under the correct circumstances can turn the tide of battle around. Their ranges vary, and they're sturdier than tomes (but not other weapons).

Beast Stones: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the nose and swiftness of a wolf, or the strength and ferocity of a tiger? Well, stop wondering now, because now you can find out. Beast stones allow the users to shapeshift into various creatures. These include Wolf, Tiger, Falcon, Bear, Serpent, Gorilla, and Horse. Each beast stone transformation has different stats and perks, so feel free to try them out until you find the one right for you.

Armor and Shields: When you step into a battlefield, a place where everyone wants you dead, you're gonna need to bring along some protection. Armor is ranged into three classes: Light, Moderate, and Heavy. Light armor provides little protection, but allows for greater speed and mobility. Moderate armor is balanced on the mobility vs protection scale, and Heavy armor protects you very well, but you're not gonna be moving very fast anytime soon. Shields make for a great and simple defense, and doesn't hinder mobility very much, but they don't protect your backside. Also, several weapons are hindered by a shield, or negate the ability to use them at all.

Player Classes
A MMORPG is just no fun if everyone is forced to play in the same way. With our carefully constructed class system, you can try out different classes and styles to see if they suit you, and if you don't like your current class anymore, simply purchase a Downsizer Item from any NPC store and choose another path to take. Don't worry, Downsizers are only 150G, mere pocket change. So buying one is easy as pie! And using it will allow you to drop one class rank. Speaking of, there are currently three ranks for the classes (more will be added as updates go on). They are labled Pawn, Rook, and Knight. Each class rank represents a new evolution in the class. In order to evolve your class to a higher rank, you must complete a class-specific quest to obtain and Upgrade Stone. Then, you can use the upgrade stone to change your class and evolve it. Each class also has a natural perk that can be used to give players an edge in battle. Now then, let's take a look at the classes:


Apprentice: Everyone has their humble beginnings, and this Pawn Rank class would be it. The class everyone starts out with is balanced in stats and can use the lowest two tiers of all equipment classes (thanks to it's "Choosing a Destiny" perk). This allows apprentices to find out what class they might want to be when they eventually go up in class rank. Eventually, they will choose their new class and work toward it.


Squire: This class has great physical attack, and moderate health, physical defense, and mobility, but has a bit of a weak spot when it comes to magic. Defenses can be further boosted with access to the moderate or heavy types of armor in tiers 1-3, as well as shields. Furthermore, you will have access to Tiers 1-3 of swords and polearms, but lose access to the remaining four weapon types. With the "Noble Rally" perk, any players in close proximity of the player (about 10 feet) will gain a slight boost in their stats.

Archer: This class deals damage from afar with either longbows or crossbows (tiers 1-3, no access to other weapons). With strong physical attack and good health and mobility, their arrows can deal a lot of damage, and if aimed at the right spot, can provide a critical strike to an enemy. With that said, their defenses are lackluster and they only have access to tier 1-3 light armor, so try to keep your distance when using this class. This class also has a more enhanced scanning capability with their Eagle Eye perk.

Shifter: This is the most varying of the classes, and it's because of their access to the Beast stones. This class can only equip tier 1-3 beast stones and light armor, but the Beast stones make up in lack of defense by altering stats, abilities, and perks as well as form. And they also have plenty of mobility in human form to keep out of harm's way, and about average health. Also, this class has the "Animal Senses" perk, which gives users of this class higher senses than average.

Rouge: They lurk in the shadows, swiping loot or taking lives from under the guards' noses. They turn up their noses from the law, and scoff at 'social order'. They're your friendly neighborhood thieves and killers. These classes have decent attack and great mobility, but are also weak in the magic attack and defenses department, and have low health in general. They may have a limited access to equipment, only tier 1-3 light armor and swords, but they have access to more hidden corridors and rooms with their Lockpick perk.

Armaments: With high HP and Physical Defense, as well as moderate magic defense, Armaments are tough to take down. Their physical attack is decent enough to deal plenty of damage, too, but mobility is not on this class's side. With access to Tier 1-3 heavy armor and shields, polearms, and axes/hammers, these tanks make good defenders... and possibly good linebackers in ye olde football stadium. Hey, a guy can dream, right? With their "Walking Wall" perk, Armaments can temporarily put up a force field to reduce damage taken by nearby allies.

Spellcaster: Spellcasters are top-tier in magic, with high magic attack and defense, and average hp and mobility. However, they are SEVERELY lacking in the physical output, meaning one physical blow can deal a lot of damage. They have access to tier 1-3 tomes, and light to moderate armor in the same tiers. With their "Merlin's Fury" perk, Spellcasters can increase the range and chance of a secondary effect for their tomes, but this perk's recharge time is the longest of the natural perks.

Cleric: With only access to tier 1-3 Staves and Light to Moderate armor as battle equipment and low physical stats, one might think the Cleric is a waste of time. However, every good party needs good support, and the Clerics have that in spades. Their staves can keep a soldier fighting by restoring HP and curing status effects, warp them out of harm's way to a safer location, or even provide status buffs. Not only that, but Clerics have a high magical defense and moderate mobility, allowing them resilience toward Tome attacks and enough mobility to get where they're needed.


Paladin/Hero/Samurai: All of these classes evolve from the squire, but take different paths in branching.

Paladins have high HP and Physical attack and defense and moderate mobility, as well as added Access to up to Tier 3 Staves and Tier 4 swords and moderate to heavy armor/shields. Their magic attack and defense, however, still leave them vulnerable to tomes. Their natural perk, "Holy Warrior", allows players to temporarily heal their health by 1/8 of damage dealt.

Heroes have high attack and magic defense, moderate health and mobility, but are low on physical defense. They are granted access to Tier 4 swords and light to moderate armor/shields, as well as Tier 3 axes/hammers. Their perk, "Clashing Steel", allows them to wear down a foe's equipment upon impact for a short amount of time.

Samurai have moderate physical defense, low magic stats and health, but very strong physical attack and mobility. They have access to tier 4 swords and tier 3 polearms, along with tier 4 light to moderate armor. They have the ability "Crimson Moon", which boosts critical hit ratios for a short time.

Sniper/Bow Knight: These classes evolve from the archer, and hold some very distinct features.

Snipers have a longer range than as an archer, with the same stat spread of high physical attack and good health and mobility, but poor defenses. These men are given access to Tier 4 longbows/crossbows and light armor, again, just like before. With their perk "Arrow Rain", a sniper can send a small barrage of arrows raining down on an enemy or group of enemies for light to moderate damage.

Bow knights have less of an increase in attack, but are also given somewhat higher defenses and access to tier 3 swords along with tier 4 longbows/crossbows, and light to moderate armor. They're meant to be more of a balance between ranged and close quarters combat. Their perk, "Piercing Shot", allows arrows to pierce through enemies and hit multiple targets in a line.

Shifter II: Shifters' stats are raised, but the spread remains relatively the same. However, the change in transformations becomes much stronger as they gain access to tier 4 beast stones with newer combos and skills, as well as light armor. Their perk, "Animal Instinct", allows them to tap into their inner feral strength and power up for a short time, boosting all stats slightly to moderately, depending on how much damage is done to them (the more damage done, the higher the boost).

Thief/Assassin/Barbarian: All of these evolve from the Rouge class, and with different buffs and flaws to each.

Thieves are more or less powered up rouges, with the same stat spread (though higher than before) and Tier 4 sword and light armor accessibility. However, their ability, "Looter", allows them to steal and use opponents' gear after they die. This makes them faster freelancers, in a sense, and can allow players to turn the tide of battle with adaptability.

Assassins have much higher attack and mobility than rouges and thieves, but are also glass cannons, taking heavy damage from physical or magical attacks. They have access to Tier 4 swords and light armor, as well as Tier 3 longbows/crossbows. Their ability, "Lethal blow", increases critical hit ratios when an opponent has more than half of their hp.

Barbarians have high HP and physical attack, as well as moderate magic defense and mobility. They are capable of dealing out heavy damage and staying on the battlefield long enough to leave a mark on the enemy with access to tier 4 swords and light to moderate armor, as well as tier 3 axes/hammers. However, their physical defense leaves a lot to be desired. Their perk is "Bloodthirsty Roar", which grants temporary immunity to status effects.

Generals/Cavaliers: These classes evolve from the Armament class.

Generals are blessed with very high HP and defenses, but at the cost of mobility and offenses. They are able to use tier 4 heavy armor, shields, polearms, and axes/hammers, and are given the perk "Soldier Rally", which allows players to increase the defenses of nearby allies.

Cavaliers are given a more physically focused spread of stats and slightly better mobility in exchange for less hp and magic stats. They are given access to tier 4 heavy armor, shields, polearms, and axes/hammers, and the perk "War Cry", which boosts the offenses of nearby allies.

Sword Mage/Archmage: These classes evolve from the spellcaster class.

Sword Mages are mixed attackers with high physical and magical attack, moderate mobility and less than average hp, defense, and magic defense. They are given access to tier 4 tomes, light to moderate armor, and tier 3 swords. They have the perk "Enchanted Steel", which gives a temporary stat buff to nearby allies' weapons, increasing their strength and durability for that time.

Archmages have the same spread as spellcasters to a greater extreme. They are allowed to wield tier 4 tomes and light to moderate armor. Their perk is "Aether Stream", which temporarily boosts the magic stats.

Sage/War Priest(Priestess): These classes are evolved forms of the Cleric class, and still fill their support role with more power to defend themselves with.

Sages are skilled magicians and have moderate hp and mobility, low physical stats, and high magic stats. They can be equipped with tier 4 staves and light to moderate armor, as well as gain access to tier 3 tomes. Their perk is "Ritual", which damages nearby foes by slowly draining their health for a limited time.

War Priests and Priestesses have High physical attack and magic defense, moderate hp, mobility, and physical defense, and low magic attack (obviously). They can use tier 4 staves and light to moderate armor, and gain access to tier 3 Axes/Hammers. Their perk is known as "Blessing", which slowly restores allies' hp for a limited time.

Link to the RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/aetheria-the-kingdom-of-dragons.15560/
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