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Roleplay Adventures: Adventures through the Light. Chapter 1: It’s the End...

by Lillipup07

Lillipup07 I wanted to do a series of stories about some topics on Roleplay i wanted to do. I have 1 other Smash Bros one, but what the heck, ill make a second one eventually. Anyway, this is a Smash Bros. Story. And, let me know what you think! Also, if you want to be in the new roleplay if i make it, let me know also. I also put more than one survivor, since there is 3 i think could survive it.
All was quiet on the day it happened. The sun was shining, battles were going on, everything seemed right. Suddenly, there was a flash of light. Everyone climbed up a nearby cliff, believing they could win the fight. They were wrong. Everyone began becoming consumed in light, leaving nothing in its wake. Besides for not one, or two, but 3 fighters. A blue blur, a kid who became a mayor, and a pink puffball. What will become of these heroes that managed to survive? Will they save the day? Or perish trying?

Only one way to find out.....next time......
  1. GhostlyCubone11
    another Smash Roleplay? Let me know when that happens friend.
    Feb 12, 2019