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Shaha Region!: Adventures of The Cardinal 4 : Time To Mow the Lawn

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain Finally our favourite unstable gang make it to the second town and prepare to challenge the gym leader! More questions are left unanswered though....

Maria belongs to @TooBlue12

The Unknown Realm belongs to @Midnight Espeon
Valmont and Maria where ahead of the gang along with Percy who was showing them around, "and there is the park, that's the town pond, oh and that's the market" Percy pointed out.

"Say Percy, tell us more about you" Valmont said hoping it will distract him from the trouble his younger cousin and his friend are causing in the back

"Huh? Oh well I'm the 5th gym leader here In shaha! And good friends with the other gym leaders too!" Percy said as he lead them to route01, he heard a gasp of amazement from Maria before following that gasp with a "Cool!", he also heard Valmont say "well that's nice to know".

Soon the gang made it to route01, "just follow the path to the next town, watch out for Camerupts in the way!" Percy said, "We will!" Phobos replied as he and Nick raced down the sandy path leaving the others behind.

"Well time to contact Pain...." Percy thought to himself as he watched the 4 boys and 2 girls leave his sight

(---The Unknown Realm---)
Pain was sitting on a branch trying to nap when he was disturbed by a voice in his mind.

"Yo! Pain you hear me? If you do I'm giving you heads up, a group of trainers are heading to Chlory's gym"

"Roger that" Pain said as he got off the branch and got an earpiece, he placed it in and said "Chlory you got challengers coming at ya"

"Roger that Pain, also based on the scans I received from boss there is a trainer on this sandy wasteland that you may wanna keep an eye on, gonna inform you with more details later"

(---the normal world---)
A few hours passed, after surviving a pack of Mightyanas ambushing them Maria, Valmont, Zodiac, Phobos, Nick and Nat made it to PalmLeaf town, more vegetation was present here, a big green house was also in view bearing the Gym logo, " there is our target! Let's go!" Nat said as she ran over.

(---In the Gym---)
Everyone was amazed by all the beautiful and exotic plants that grew in every direction, tall grass and Palm trees, and some new berry bushes that none of them had seen before, suddenly they where all startled by a lady in a ninja outfit and dark green scarf that had landed next to them from a tree, "Hi! I'm Chlory, the Grass type Gym leader! You must be challengers!" She said with a happy tone

"We sure are" Zodiac said while questioning her fashion decisions, "grass gym huh? I guess the fact that the gym is in a green house should have made it obvious..." he said.

" so quick question, you all new trainers or trainers from other regions who had finished their journeys already?" Chlory asked, Maria replied to her with the latter, "ok so usually my gym puzzle is having the trainers fill a basket with berries hidden in the tall grass where other trainers are hiding but since you guys are not newly started trainers we will skip to the gym leader battle, you all are six so a one vs one against each, sounds good?" She asked

"Fine with me!" Maria exclaimed exited

"Same!" Nick and Phobos said in perfect sync

"Sure" Zodiac replied as he got one of his pokeballs

"Let's do this" Valmont said with a confident smirk

"Bring it on!" Nat said while pumping her fist in the air

To be continued
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