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Shaha Region!: Adventures Of The Cardinal 4 - Professor Who?

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain part 3 of The story of 4 of my trainer OCs in my fan made Region - Maria belongs to @TooBlue12 - comedy, Cringe, Drama, Action, fourth wall breaks and Heart wrenches - be ready to experience all of these things
It's has been ages as our 6 friends have been travelling the sea

Zodiac -who was doing his best not to get his clothes wet- asked "are we there yet?"

"No Zodiac" Valmont said as he looked around and then at his compass and back again in the horizon

"Are we there yet?" Phobos asked as he stretched the word 'There'

"No..." Valmont answered annoyed by Phobos repeating the question he just answered

Nick joined and asked "Are we there yet?!" In an impatient tone to annoy him more

"Yes" Phobos answered Sarcastically

"Really?!" Nick asked in shock

"NO!!!" Valmont answered now very mad

Nat chuckled as she watched, she was enjoying the trip across the sea, it reminded here of her and Nick's home region Hoenn, she took a deep whiff of the salty air as she placed her hand in the water, once she snapped out of her trance she looked back at her passenger and asked "you ok back there?"

Maria was nervous at first when the Swampert started travelling at full speed but soon got used to it, she chuckled at the 2 boys when where messing around with the scientist on his metagross.
"I'm fine thanks for asking" she answered Nat's question with a cheerful smile before remembering that they where never properly introduced.
"Um sorry for forgetting to introduce myself, My name is Maria" she said loudly hoping everyone heard.

"Nice to meet you Maria, I am Nicolas, but my friends call me Nick" said the Blond with the scarf before pointing in her direction, "and she is Natalie, my childhood friend and Rival, her friends call he Nat".
"Nice to meet you Maria!" Nat added once Nick was done

"And I'm Phobos, and that is my older cousin Valmont-" said the dark haired with the fur coat as he pointed at the scientists, "- and that is my oldest cousin Zodiac" he continued as he pointed to the Tailor of the group

(Later at Shaha, BlackThorn Town Harbour)

The 6 made it out of the harbour fully dry thanks to a little help of Phobos' Serperior Sylvan, they made their way into the town, it had a fair amount of vegetation to spice up the desert-ish area, a few lakes of water as well but it was uncomparable to the lush forests that where Kanto, Johto and Hoenn, it was more of a town made in an Oasis.
The 6 headed over to a building they guessed to be the lab, once in they where greater by a line of trainers waiting for their turn to be registered with the professor as a new trainer.

"What?! We had to walk all that way from the harbour and now we need to wait in a line?! F-" Phobos exclaimed but was cut off before finishing

"Language young man" Zodiac told Phobos with a serious face

"Well I can't not Cuss in a situation like this" Phobos replied now fuming with anger

"Then imagine us as characters of some PG13 story on some random Pokemon site or something like that" Valmont said as he rolled his eyes

"Fine" Phobos finished before waiting in line.

(Later at the desk of the Professor)

Maria was tiered from tripping or almost tripping every 8 times they have advanced in the line but finally she as well as her 5 newly made friends where at the front of it, there on the leather chair behind the black wooden table sat a female professor, chocolate brown skin with night sky black hair, two golden yellow eyes and a friendly smile on her face.

"Hello, I'm The Proffessor" she said in a kind tone

".... Professor Who?" Valmont asked quite confused of the fact that the professor introduced herself as if she has no name

"Just The Professor, doesn't matter who" she said still holding her smile

"But that name bar on the desk says your name is 'Professor Ebony'" Maria pointed out

"That was the previous professor who passed away.... but if you want you can call me that too" she said changing from a plain tone to a cheery one

They all nodded and started filling in the forums given to them, then Professor Ebony interviewed them on any special skills they have in wich Valmont made a mini functioning robot out of paper clips, Zodiac told her about his whole fashion line that is famous in Unova, Nat told her about her being Hoenn's regional Swimming champion, Maria told the professor that she knows how to cook very well even though that was only half true and finally Phobos and Nick decided to do The bottle flip challenge earning themselves a few laughs from the girls and a face palm from Valmont.

"Well that's all, it's getting late so you better get to the Pokemon center and reserve some rooms for the night" said Professor Ebony as she looked out the window.

"We will, thanks again" Valmont said as he and the rest headed out towards the Pokemon center

---To Be Continued---
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    Lord Of Pain
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    Hahah lol, professor who. XD
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