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Shaha Region!: Adventures of The Cardinal 4 : New Friend!... or is he?

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain A new chapter guys! In this one our gang meets a new friend! Or is he? DUN DUN DUN! Nah Just kidding.... or am I? DUN DUN DUN!

Maria belongs to @TooBlue12

This chapter is rated M for mention of drugs
It was a silent peaceful morning and Zodiac was fast asleep, with no care in the world when suddenly.....

"What the Hell?!" Zodiac shouted as he fell out of bed, the sudden blaring of Heavy Metal music making his heart skip a beat or two, he got changed and headed over to the room next door that the music was coming from, Phobos and Nick's room.

"What in the world you two?! Do you know what time it is?!" Zodiac asked after barging into the room, he saw the two laughing with Phobos falling to the ground and Nick turning the music off.

Nat - who was mad about the rude awakening - came in with a pillow and stood over Phobos before jumping and slam dunk throwing the pillow at his face Kobe Bryant style.

" Ow! Hey what was that for!?" Phobos asked as he got up.

"For you blasting Heavy Metal this damn early! Also good morning Zodiac" she said as Nick got out of the room to head down the hallway to Valmont's room, meeting Maria on the way who decided to tag along.

Maria tried her best not to laugh as she had witnessed what was happening to Phobos in his room, "you two sure made Natalie and Zodiac mad...." she said.

"His idea, he should of expected this" Nick said as he grabbed the door handle of Valmont's room and entered, it's fair to say that both he and Maria where shocked of what they saw.

There Valmont was, sleeve rolled up, band tied around his arm and injection in hand as if ready to take a shot of Heroine.......


It wasn't Heroine in the injection..... It was Coffee

"Phobos told us you where addicted to coffee and we believed him after mentioning how many cups a week you drink..... but we didn't think you where this addicted...." Maria said as Nick took the Injection away and Valmont rolled his sleeve down.

((10 minutes later))
The gang got out of the Pokemon Center and headed to the town to check it out, for a desert-ish region this town had a fair amount of vegetation for sure, shops and gardens here and there, a few ponds, tall palm trees, children playing with numles and trapinches.

Suddenly a group of thugs grabbed Nat by the arm and held a gun to her head, "no body move! Hand over all your water and other liquids!" The leader demanded.

"....... that's all you want?....." Valmont asked confused, 'is this guy really gonna kill someone for water?' He thought to himself, he saw a blond in a white hoodie and grey jeans walk over and said "don't worry about them, just a bunch of poor homeless people who are thirsty and can't afford to buy water, the gun is unloaded".

Hearing this Nat headbutted the thug with the gun and he let go of her, she ran back to the group glaring at the thugs, "thanks Mr..." She said.

"The name is Perseus but you can call me Percy" said the blond, his golden eyes showing kindness
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