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Adventures: Adventures of the 3 Friends (Part. 1)

by GamersPlayPokemon

One Day, 3 friends were exploring a forest in the kalos region, one trainer was named Micheal, Who had a Level 20. Lucario, Another named Sarah, who had a level 21 Swalot, who is sometimes called sweatheart by Sarah. and finnally, Mike, who owns atleast 3 Fire types, Magmar, Growlithe and a Flareon. The gang were adventuring through the forest when they stumbled upon a mysterious, wounded animal. they picked up the pokemon and ran over to Prof Sycamore, the Kalos Region proffeser, who happened to be at the PokeCenter in the town that was very close. As they told Proffeser Sycamore what happened, he said that "Mysterious Pokemon" was a talonflame, and its wing got hit by a flying-type and it stopped working and it fell and hit the floor"... TO BE CONTINUED
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  1. GamersPlayPokemon
    Part 2 will be out tomorrow!!!
    Sep 25, 2016