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The adventures of Mina: Adventures of Mina: Vol 2. Jhoto Journey

by Poketheme

Amelia, a girl living in New Bark Town with Prof Elm, her adopted dad, is teased. The say she fears Pokemon. They say she would scream if faced upon the elite four. But no, Amelia was born Alezia, princes ps of Kalos, and descendant of Az. She was raised in Pallete town as Mia, unknowing of her true heritage. But, she soon found out after her parents turned out to be robots, and her cousin was killed by team rocket, so she and her friend Cynd ran away. She eventually defeated Team Rocket, but was placed in hiding for protection by Red. One day, Amelia here's a boy named Gold yelling that he is a champion, and now that his cyndaquil is a Quilava, he is unstoppable, and that he will go defeat the red gyaradose of rage lake. Amelia follows. He is quickly defeated, but saved by a girl named Crystal, who saves him with her Pokemon. Crystal quickly notices Amelia, but in no time is shot down by team rocket. Amelia runs, but soon, they are in front of her. Japust before she is captured, a girl with green hair swoops down and defeats all of the grunts with very powerful Kanto Pokemon. Elm appears and introduces her as Green, a secret agent and friend of Red who sent her to watch her, but Team Rocket is still alive, so Green is here to destroy them for once and for all. Wanting to help, Crystal and Goldare rested up before the four of them set off on a journey, but they also capture a sneaky boy named Silver who stole Elm's totadile, who joins them becuase destroying team rocket is his dream. Along the way of cracking Twam Rockets plan they each complete their goals. Green keeps Amelia safe, Gold beats all the gyms, Crystal becomes the only capture specialist who uses her leg to throw poke balls becuase she was shot in the arm, and Silver and Mia took down team rocket, with the help of a enthusiastic tourist from Hoenn named Yellow. Sadly though, Elm must send Amelia off with a new id to a new region becuase of all her gained popularity, so Yellow takes her to live with him and his mom in Hoenn. Gold becomes champ, and Green returns too Kanto to tell red the good news. All is done, and all is over, for now.