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Adventure in The Reborn Region: Adventure in The Reborn Region Chapter One: An Explosive Reception!

by Dapper_Cat

Dapper_Cat A story following my adventure through a fan-made Pokemon game called "Pokemon Reborn." Beware of profanity.
~A/N: "Pokemon Reborn" is an actual fan-made Pokemon game. Yes, it's free. I recommend looking into it if you want a new, challenging experience. There is profanity in this, one of the main reasons being that the main character is a teenager, and we teens can get really profane (don't even try to deny it), and I mean a lot. Also, the game itself has a decent bit of profanity in it as well. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments and I'll see what I can do to answer.~

So, I was on my way to a place called the Reborn Region. I left my good 'ol Feraligatr back home in Johto. I didn't bring anything with me other than a bit of money. According to the girl with me, wild Pokemon aren't exactly common in Reborn. According to the brochure, Reborn is very impure, and the main city is very polluted. Recently, the Reborn League re-opened. That's why I'm here. That's also why so many other trainers are going to be there, too. Then there's the woman currently in front of me, explaining the Region to me. She's about average height, maybe a bit taller. Five foot six? She has silver-ish hair that stops a bit above the middle of her back. She has hazel eyes and a white t-shirt with jeans. She's pale-skinned, and she wears purple pants with black boots. She also has a purple scarf wrapped around her neck, and she has a bracelet on her left arm. Her name – I probably should have said that first, shouldn't I have? - is Ame.

Then there's me. My name is Caleb Miller, and I'm a veteran Pokemon trainer, starting anew in the Reborn Region. Back at home in Johto, I was a professional trainer, having made it to the Pokemon League. While I was there, I collected all eight of the Johto Gym badges and made it past the Elite Four. Unfortunately, I lost to the Champion, Lance. Now, I'm in Reborn to try my hand here. I left all my Pokemon back in Johto. However, I spoke with Ame beforehand, and she can get me hooked up with a new Pokemon.

I have messy, jet-black hair that stops an inch above my shoulders and deep blue eyes. I have chocolate-brown skin. Milk-chocolate, like a standard Hershey Bar, not dark or white chocolate. I'm aware there's different kinds, so I had to be specific. Then there's my attire. I have black sweat pants with a white stripe going along the sides. I wear black sneakers. I have an open, black jacket with a white trim. I have black, fingerless gloves, and a white tank-top under my jacket. I also have a necklace with a tooth. I'm kinda lanky, and I stand at 6'2". People say I look like a fully grown man. Hell, I even got a small beard goin' on. In truth, though? I'm only sixteen, just turned the other day.

We finally got off the topic of the status of Reborn, when Ame reported: "We're nearly there. The train will be pulling into Peridot Station shortly." I simply gave a nod in response. "I have an acquaintence of mine set to meet you when we arrive. She'll be your guide to the city." Ame continued. "Um?" I raised my head. Something was off. Ame looked worried, too. What could be wrong? There was an off sound, but I didn't think much of it. Could it be related? "That's not a good sound." So it was something with the sound. I knew something sounded a bit different, but I never actually stopped to pick out what it was. Beep... Beep... Beep... Oh shit. "Run!" Ame shouted. Beep... Beep... Beep... BOOM! A small glimpse of orange, red, and yellow. Then darkness.