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Adoptables! #1 Jay

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Yes, I will type everything in a story form. Hhhh)

"Oh, hello there! Welcome to the adoption center! I'm afraid you've come by late as we only have one little pet left for today." Woman greeted. Sne pointed to the only cage that wasn't empty. A winged kitten was hiding within. "This little furball is Jay. He's very shy, but has become friendly towards us, so if you adopt him, he may become the same way with you!"
The blue-eyes kitten had an eyepatch and a medical bandage wrapped around his front left leg...
"You may be wondering what happened to poor little Jay. Susan and I were called out for an animal we could take in from an owner who could no longer care for the animal. Yes, we travel to them instead. But, anyways, the owner had a beautiful German Shepherd, and as we came back, we saw Jay on the side of the road.
We picked him up and I was the one to hold him ad Susan drove. Something attacked him, and we think it may have been some sort of predator or other cat. We managed to get the two animals in, but no one wanted Jay...
I've even heard some say he's weird looking because he has wings. But, I was wondering, would you like to adopt him?"

Name: Jay
Gender: male
Species: cat
Status: adopted by: @Herbmonsolo
Age: 10 months
Likes: testing his flight, taking risks, people who he trusts, and exploration
Dislikes: the unknown, communicating, the dark, spiders

(Okay, so what is going on is that the first person to ask to adopt Jay will get him. For others, don't worry, there'll be more little animals later. But, when you want to adopt him, please don't spam "ME ME ME ME" as that hardly gives anyone else a chance. Yes, the pets are free, and yes the adoptables will continue for a while.
Also: If you adopt a pet, you may use it anywhere, but, if outside or within the site, give credit towards me for creating them for you. No, that doesn't mean I have 100% control over it, but that I created it. You can use it whereever you want, just give credit.
Thank you.)
  1. Herbmonsolo
    Aug 9, 2016
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  2. NightRaven
    That is alright with me ^^ I hope you enjoy using Jay in whatever you like, @Herbmonsolo !
    Aug 9, 2016
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  3. Herbmonsolo
    Yo, I'd like to use/adopt this cat, if it's okay with you.
    Aug 9, 2016
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