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The Voodoo Doll Pokémon: Adollt

by E.K.A.N.S.

Adollt.png AdolltBacksprite.png
E.K.A.N.S. Adollt, the Voodoo Doll Pokémon
Type: [​IMG][​IMG]
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 230.0 lbs.
Abilities: Aftermath, Unaware (Hidden)

Adollt are proud Pokémon that have learned to live with Banette's curse among their own kind. The button on each Adollt's back is slightly different, and others of its species can tell just by looking at it which group that individual belongs to.
  1. E.K.A.N.S.
    I have a beta version of this Pokémon that I made back in 2014 which I may upload here (this redesign is from 2017). The voodoo dolls were originally intended to be in a fanmade project called Pokémon Data Version in 2014 but has since died, so I redesigned Adollt, made prevolutions for it, and tried to work on my own fangame, but since that takes years and years I decided I was satisfied just making sprites. I also made a sprite in 2016 of "Viedoo" ("voodoo" + "Viejo" which is old in Spanish), which would have been the voodoo doll as an old man. It had a small white puff of stuffing for a beard and a elongated nail for a cane, but I was so dissatisfied with how it turned out that I just deleted it. I was thinking of having this evolutionary family be based on the riddle "what has four legs in the morning, two legs in the day, and three legs at night?" but I settled on Impurile, Voodigan, and Adollt instead and took out the three-legged old man.

    Also Adollt is "adult" + "doll." I should put all this information above but I'm putting it here because I want the above to be devoted solely to the Fakemon data.
    Jul 12, 2018
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