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by Sylvious

One day, I felt like making cookies. Yeah, you would probably think making cookies is random. But, I was hungry, isn't that a big enough excuse? Anyway, I headed to my kitchen and found a huge cookie on the counter. "I never made a huge cookie..." I said. I reach my hand out to the huge cookie and click it. I heard a sound, and I looked on my table. Yes, it was a cookie.

I was shocked; how could a cookie appear just from clicking a big cookie? I thought about making a business out of this, so I continued clicking the big cookie. Once I had about 50 cookies, I started selling them. I got money, and sometimes gotten objects to help me bake cookies. The first object I got was a cursor. The cursor surrounded the big cookie and sometimes clicked it. I didn't know how that was possible, but continued selling cookies anyway.

I baked a few thousand cookies and started making more buildings across the town. I hired workers and obtained tons of money. I also made farms to bake more cookies. I never known it, but I was addicted.
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  1. ~Pokelover~
    See, Cookie Clicker is the best XD
    Mar 18, 2016