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Activity Update: Read Below (ft. Xavi)

by Riverrunner


-Thousands of groans of "aww" can be heard, as well as a few people in the back kicking the floor in frustration. With this mere statement, River managed to disappoint the entire 'Charms community.-
I tried to stick to my old art style for this but it didn't really work. Hopefully no one minds.

Nevertheless, this was just created to give an update on why I haven't been posting art/future plans. In reality, this is just sort of an "I'm not dead." It might've been easier to do such via status update, but seeing as statuses are relatively small and I have a tendency to ramble... I thought this would be a better idea instead.

I'll try to make this quick:
  • I haven't been posting art lately/been active in RPs because of... just life stuff really. No need to get into the details. I just kinda haven't been my best lately. Schoolwork is also a thing. Nevertheless, I do have a few sketches that I might share just to maintain some form of activity. Unfortunately, most of them are ending spoilers/joke doodles/may contain blood, so I'll try to just post the decent ones suitable for a website as such.
  • I completely failed to notice that I have reached/almost reached two very major milestones! Not only do I have 500+ likes, I am also very closely nearing upon 50 followers! That honestly blows my mind, considering the... ahem... quality of most of my works. Thank you guys so much! I was considering either a Q&A or taking a few requests (although the latter is a bad idea because I can never get stuff like that done). If anyone has any better ideas for this celebration of sorts, please do let me know!
  • My tumblr is almost live! Eventually I'll give the URL here and start posting art, hopefully before the year ends, so stay tuned for that!

That was probably a lot, apologies for that. Thank you guys so much for everything (and for reading this), have a nice day!
  1. Joy~
    :3 Well i'm very glad you aren't dead/inactive! Also, if there is one thing to learn about art it's don't bash yourself. I personally have enjoyed all of the art that i have seen you upload! :) All-in-all i'm glad i still get to see your art, in any form or style.

    Congratulations on 500 Likes~
    Nov 2, 2017
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