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Acid's adventures: Acid's Adventure in Hoenn #2

by Jayisonewithmuffins

Jayisonewithmuffins TanadaSwee is just a town name I came up with, its not in the anime or any of the games.Hope you enjoyed/is enjoying reading this! BAIIIIIII :p
Prof. gave Acid Mudkips Pokeball, a Pokedex and other empty pokeballs. As Acid was on her way to the closest Pokémon center she ran into a Pokémon "Woah what's that?" She'd say as she took out her pokedex. The Pokémon was a Whismur! "Aww it's kind of cute!"She'd say."Hmm how does this work?"She thought to herself.Then she remembered that in the past, when she was little her mom would always tell her don't just throw the pokeball to catch a pokemon, you have to send out YOUR Pokémon and weaken it THEN you throw the pokeball."Oh uhh... Go Mudkip!"She'd say as she threw Mudkip's Pokeball out."Mudkip!"The little Mudkip would say."Mu-Mudkip use watergun..."She'd say awkwardly."Mudkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!!!!!"Mudkip would yell as it splashed the poor whismur with tons of water.Whismur is almost fainted!Acid was about to catch Whismur when a man walked up to it with a Pokeball and said "Return Whismur!" "O-oh was that yo-your whismur?"She said something awkwardly again."No, Im a Pokémon babysitter."He'd reply to Acid's question."So are you a Pokémon trainer?"He'd ask."Ye-yes!I just got this Mudkip here not too long ago!"She'd reply."U-um where is the closest Pokémon center?"She'd ask.He pointed to the route heading to Tanadaswee town."Okay thank you! Return Mudkip!"She'd yell as she started riding her bike to the nearest pokemon center.