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Ace's Life Story

by Airsome55

Airsome55 If u liked this short story then i will continue it if it gets enough positive comments
It was another day for Ace playing with his dad's pokemon that he leaves for him to play with "I can't wait when i'm the right age to become a trainer then u two will be great Pokemon partners!" Ace said enthusiastically "Oh yeah, well i'll have a little head start cuz i have 1 more year to go before i can become an official Pokemon trainer!" Rex gloated. Rex was Ace's older brother who was really caring and protective and had no problem messing around with Ace "Yeah, but i'll quickly become as strong as you" Ace stared at Rex's Pokemon then Ace thought to himself How come Rex has 3 pokemon while I have 2. "Ace, Rex dinner time!" It was Ace's mum. Litten and Rowlet ran to the kitchen with Ace.