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Angry Birds: About The Flock

by BooBerry

BooBerry Since the flock was created, why not telling others about them :) So yeah, let's get started shall we? ❤️
Yuri- She is the leader of the flock
-Often known to be lazy but good at gaming

-She is a blue mockingbird
-She is Starla's best friend
-Doesn't get along with Hex that often
-Her ability is Quail Canon (Shoots quail like feather missiles or arrows at the foe)

Starla- The "Bird Of Prey" of the flock
-She gotten her nickname from her offense skills
-She and Yuri are besties eversince they were younger
-She is a raptor
-Her ability is Blossom Burst (Works best on glass and wood)

Zamcio- The spriter of the group
-Has a strong talent at spriting
-Sometimes hides in his beanie for protection or when he is very shy (Just like bashful from 7D)
-Sometimes gets along with Hex

-Has the ability called Quick Circuit (Better to use at night; Strikes the foe with bits of strong sparks)
-He is a Yellow Canary

Teapot- The coder of the group
-The flock's "Big Sister"
-Most mature of the flock
-Loves to code and solve puzzles or riddles
-Highly intelligent among the flock (Just like Dahlia)
-Has the ability called Flame Barrier (Burns glass and wood but not stone; Does not effect the foe)
-She is a Carolina Cardinal

Zephyr- The "Frostbite" of the group
-Also does not get along with Hex
-He can get easily tempered
-Can express his expressions easily
-Slightly strict among the flock
-Has the ability called Freeze Break (Does not effect the foe; Works best on wood and stone but not glass; Freezes hard objects (just like wood and stone); does not freeze the foe)
-He is a Tufted Titmouse

Hex- The "mischief" of the flock
-Always fights with Starla
-Has a competitive side
-Secretly sweet and soft in the inside (more like a kuudere I guess, but more different)
-Pranks everyone but not exactly on Teapot, since he might get in trouble
-Least intelligent among the flock
-Has 2 abilities:
-Teleportation (Has the ability to transfer to different places or directions)
-Shockwave (Pushes things or blocks over; Has the ability to explode; Same ability like bomb)
-He is a Mountain Bluebird

Reagan- The artist of the flock
-Loves to do digital art
-Second eldest among the flock
-Sometimes acts tomboyish
-Always gets annoyed by Hex
-Has the ability called Speed Paint (Useful against all types of blocks; Affects the foe; Smears paint on the foe)
-She is an Orange Bishop