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The legendary: Abigail?

by Eevee is who I am

Eevee is who I am Where did nurse joy go read the next chapter to find out
Chapter 3
Abigail suddenly jumped in to the ultra beast hole. When ally made it to the ultra beast hole it was gone! Then a pikachu came running past her. Ally ran after it. There was another portal. Ally jumped in. Everything was goo, ally was starting to sink! There was no sight of Abigail or the grunts. Then out of nowhere cosmog came flouting tours ally in Abigail's bag. Then the cosmog jumped out. Then there was someone coming. It was Abigail!!! They grabbed the cosmog and quickly jumped out. They ran to another poke center. But nurse joy was laying on the ground dead! Then a person named Sophie came and restored cosmog to it's full health. Thank you so much Abigail said. Sophie said that team skull was here when I walked in then the grunts and nurse joy was gone.
Keep reading to find out what happened to nurse joy