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Abandoned Town - Outerier

by raccoonchan12

Abandonded School -Outierior.png
raccoonchan12 The Abandoned School is located up of Duanna Town.Like it says from the side mission;before you head to the monorail,you have to get the Power Key from Team Rocket,plus you also have to get a cabin boy's sister's Pokemon from them.

- The Abandoned School was actually an old Middle school that most people around it goes to and learn.One day,an incident appeared,when a Dark Cloud appeared.The Dark Cloud shrouded the school with a dark haze,causing trainers and pokemon to go crazy,causing the school to cause an earthquake by a Voltorb.Most of the people and Pokemon survived the fog,and made it out.Others died and were remembered by others that are at the town on the right,and other areas.A few years later,after the incident;The School was now overrun by Ghost Pokemon around the school.The area on the left side of the school was collapsed and is not available to enter.Some people who enters says that they hear some voices and assumed that the voices was the voices of the lost ones.Most of the areas avaliable to enter.Others are trying to be able to enter by some of the people from Duanna Town and Targaryen City.
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