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Abandoned Moonlight: Abandoned Moonlight: Chapter Nine

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart Nope, Shadow totally isn't a stalker XD. Yes, Icy has a crush on Shadow. LET THE SHIPPING BEGIN!
After everyone went to bed that night, or she thought everyone went to bed and was asleep, Moon snuck up, putting her worn out boots on, and leaving her room. Shadow saw Moon leave her room, as his room was in the attic, and he had his door open, and the attic door open as well, so he could see into the hall below. Making sure he made no noise, something he was excellent at, Shadow followed Moon down the stairs, careful to keep in the shadows so his eyes didn't give him away. Once Moon was in the living room, she opened the front door quietly and walked outside, closing the door. Shadow, however, stopped the door from closing with his boot, and once Moon was a few feet away, Shadow walked outside too, closing the door behind him, making sure it wasn't locked so Moon could get back in.
"Where is she going?" Shadow thought to himself. He then shrugged, figuring Moon might just be out on a nighttime stroll, something Shadow did often. Shadow accidentally stepped on a twig, snapping it, so he quickly ducked behind a tree so he was completely hidden in the shadows before Moon saw him.
"Huh, maybe it was just a pokemon or something." Moon said to herself, then looked around. She had either the option of following the creepy looking path beside the old barn, or the option of just wondering the woods. She chose the first option. Shadow looked impressed.
"Wow. No one has ever been brave enough to take that path other then me, and Aunt Molly, and supposedly mom and dad. Heh, she must be a brave one~" Shadow thought to himself, smirking before continuing to follow Moon, still keeping in the shadows. Moon eventually came to a large cemetery. There was very thick fog, so Moon could not see very well, however Shadow could see somewhat. Moon created a dark blue ball of fire in her hand to use as a light. After wondering around for a bit, Moon headed back toward the house, still completely unaware Shadow was following her. Moon walked in, closed the door and locked it, then went into her room, slipped her worn out boots off, and climbed into bed. Shadow simply climbed the tree at the side of the house, and climbed into his bedroom window, since usually he had his window open. Shadow took his boots off, then snuck into Moon's room, keeping in the shadows in case Moon woke up. Shadow watched Moon sleep for awhile while thinking.
"She is pretty, and I'm sure Lightning won't have feelings for her anytime soon, so that means I have a chance at getting her to love me. Besides, she is only a year older then me. I'm sure she wouldn't mind dating a guy a year younger then her~" Shadow thought to himself, smirking before returning to his room.

Unbeknownst to Shadow, Icy desided to stay the night, and was going to sleep in Twinkle's room, and Icy had had Twinkle use her powers to read Shadow's mind, as they had both saw him sneak into Moon's room, and sneak back out and into his room. Twinkle told Icy what Shadow was thinking while he was in Moon's room. Icy sighed.
"I guess that means he probably doesn't even care the least little bit about me, if he likes Moon..." Icy said sadly, looking sad. Icy had a crush on Shadow, and she had only told Twinkle and Friday about having a crush on Shadow. "Oh, cheer up! You being upset is annoying me!" Twinkle growled, annoyed. Icy ignored her, and climbed into her sleeping bag to go to sleep.

To be continued...