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Abandoned: Abandoned - Chapter 1: Tears

by SoulBeam056

SoulBeam056 A story about an Eevee named Ivy, who gets abandoned by her owners. I dunno. Sounded like a good idea. xD
The Eevee tilted her head curiously, catching the sound of some sort of conversation going on and she padding over to a door. She flicked her ears, listening.
"No! How could you possibly think like that? Kyla would be devastated!" She could make out.
Huh? What's going on? Why are my masters fighting? The Eevee, Ivy, thought.
She whined, scratching at the door like a dog.
"Eevee..?" She whimpered, lowering her head when they wouldn't open the door for her.
Ivy placed her ear at the crack at the bottom of the door, a somewhat sad look in her eyes as she tried to understand.
"The thing's got to go."
"But Kyla-"
"I don't care!" A female's voice snapped.
Ivy whimpered more, her voice growing louder as she flattened her ears against the sides of her head. Did I do something wrong?
"...!" The man opened his mouth to speak before sighing. "Fine." The man muttered grimly.
She could hear the thumping of footsteps approaching and she slowly backed up, whining softly. And the door swung open, a rather tall man stooping down to pick her up.
"Eevee?" She whimpered again, nuzzling against his face.
But that only seemed to make him sadder.
I'm sowwy if I did something bad... Did I do anything bad? Please forgive me...
The man made his way down the stairs, cradling the Eevee to his chest with one hand and opening the door with the other.
A cold gust of wind blasted against her small body and she whimpered again, the man walking outside as rain began to patter against her face.
"Ee...vee?" She yapped softly, her eyes large and dull with sadness.
W-what is he doing? Where is my master taking me? What...What's going to happen to me?
The man shook his head, blinking away tears as he hugged Ivy close to him. "Eevee?"
He placed the Eevee down underneath a tree on the other side of the road, a couple drops of rain still weaving its way through the branches and landing on her head as she whimpered.
And he walked away, shooting one last sad glance at Ivy before entering his house again and leaving her.
Leaving her behind to die.
"Eev?" She whined.
"Eevee?" Ivy whimpered again, her tears hidden away by the rain.
"Vee..." She lowered her head and laid down on the wet grass, mewling quietly as she shivered with cold and loneliness.
W-why... would they leave me?
She shook herself.
No! They'll come back for me soon enough... right?
  1. lucky kris
    lucky kris
    that was a very good story>_<
    Aug 22, 2015
    SoulBeam056 likes this.
  2. SoulBeam056
    To be continued. xD Although I probably'll end up forgetting about it and not posting anything for a really long time... Well, there's a chance lol. Hope ya like it.
    Aug 8, 2015
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