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A wild Fiddlesticks appears!

by WindRyder

WindRyder Surprise!
I decided that it was finally time that I make a Pokesona (or whatever a Pokemon OC character is called...). I will start using Fiddlesticks in Rps. He has a unique personality and is easy to draw. I'll draw some more art of him tomorrow :3
(Sorry the camera quality isn't great. :'|I'll work on that...)
Oh, and I'll try to be on 'Charms more. I'd like to get into or restart a Rp. School is on a bit of a hiatus as more standardized tests come, and now that I beat Fire Emblem Fates I will have some more free time.

Late April Fools XD
  1. SharkByte
    April fools or not...he is boss!.......*mlg air horns sound and mlg shade slide down on the cute swalott....*
    Apr 9, 2016
    TooBlue12 and WindRyder like this.
  2. WindRyder
    Did I get anyone? I was working on this on April Fools, but I would have had to rush to finish it and I'd already seen multiple good jokes already this year, so I held it for a week.I actually designed a real Pokesona that I will post tomorrow (and besides Fiddlesticks the rest of the stuff in the post is true XD).
    Apr 9, 2016