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A White Christmas

by HeartlessNobody

HeartlessNobody A short poem about a kid's Christmas day.
It's early morning the snowflakes start to fall,
You jump from the window and run down the hall.
You put on your coat and mittens,
You steal your shoes from the playful kittens.

Out the door you giddily jump
The ice will cause you to land on your rump.
You start to fall, and suddenly stop.
For the one who caught you is your old pop.

Smiling at you sweetly he stands you straight
And tells you to go play with your mate.
Running to the house careful to not trip and slip
A pale blue color starts to show around your lip.

Faster the snow falls, the town is now dead,
You breathe harder your cheeks now red.
Reaching the house you knock on the door,
Now you are freezing down to the core.

You are greeted with warmth and heat
Smiling you say hi to the man who came to greet.
He lets you in and you play with Joe,
His mother brings you hot Cocoa.

You smile for now you know,
Christmas this year will be full of snow.
For everyone loves a Christmas that is white,
You surely know that I am right.
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