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A troubled past

by Comet Blaster

Comet Blaster Jetta tried to keep her past hidden. But why?
A small Rockruff was racing down the path. She leapt over a log and gracefully landed on her paws. She past bushes filled with berries and forest citizens.
Something was chasing her. The Rockruff glanced behind her to see the figure right on her tail. When she turned around she ran into a tree.
She turned back to the figure and screamed as they leapt on her. “ Gotcha! “ The figure yelled triumphantly. The Rockruff groaned. “ You always win, Jetta. “ She complained.
Jetta got off her sister and shook her fur. She smiled, showing that she just recently lost a canine. “ That’s only cause you’re so slow, Comet. You’ll get quicker. “ She assured.
Comet got back to her feet and stood besides her big sister. Jetta’s fur was a few shades darker than Comet’s and was reasonably taller. Jetta’s tail brushed against Comet’s flank. “ Let’s go home, before Mother starts to worry. “
The sisters made their way home, talking and making jokes. They’ve been best friends since Comet could walk, and they always will be.
The first thing Jetta heard was shouting.

“ How hard is it to catch a simple meal?! “

“ Harder than it looks, obviously!! “

“ Look woman, I expect a freshly caught meal when I get home! “

“ From what? Laying around all day?! “

Jetta and Comet flinched at the sound of hitting.

“ Watch your tone with me, Gaia. You’ll regret it if you don’t respect me. “

There was a long pause.

“ Sorry......Terra.... “

It was barely above a whisper, but Jetta heard it. She felt someone pawing her. She looked down and saw Comet with her ears down and tears leaking from her eyes. Jetta frowned and nuzzled her.
There was the sound of stomping, and a raging Midnight Lycanroc came into view. His eyes were wild and as his gaze fell on the two he snarled.
Jetta snarled back. The Lycanroc stomped over to her and picked her up. He lifted her over his head and threw her. She hit a tree and whimpered.
The Lycanroc scoffed. “ Useless. “ He muttered.
He trudged away and once he was out of sight a Midday Lycanroc came into view. She had a panicked expression on her face and she ran to her girls. She picked them both up and ran.

Later that night, Jetta woke up. Her ribs were bruised and her mother was nuzzling her. “ I’m so sorry my babies. We should have ran sooner. “
Comet nosed her mother. “ It’s okay, Mommy. We’re going to be okay now. “
Gaia sighed. “ I hope so. “
Jetta looked sadly at her mom. Her father had put them through so much pain, and it took its toll on her mother.
Gaia smiled weakly and laughed softly. “ Let’s hope that when you two find mates they won’t be garbage, right? “
Comet nodded. She couldn’t wait to grow up and find her Prince Charming. Jetta on the other hand, stuck out her tongue in disgust. “ Gross! “ She exclaimed, and both Comet and Gaia laughed.
That night, they all fell asleep, knowing that they were safe.

For now.
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  1. Captain Cardboard
    Captain Cardboard
    Wow... Holy cow, that was pretty good! I liked the tension at the beginning when she was being chased, only for it to be her sibling.
    Apr 20, 2018
  2. Robin's
    Apr 17, 2018