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A Trainer's Legacy- Pokecharms Exclusive Introduction

by KAnaliseY

KAnaliseY When Red went off on a training journey after becoming Champion, nobody really knew where he was going. He had been gone for 3 years, no word of him, no sighting, no communication. But then, one trainer who thinks he has what it takes to defeat the best trainer in the world, unearths Red's location. However, with the discovery comes a horrible secret... and the truth of Red's disappearance.

NOTE: Pokemon owns all the characters, places, and pokemon mentioned in this story. I just came up with the story line.
I am an avid writer on Wattpad. You can find me as KristenAY, or simply by clicking this link: KristenAY.
I just started this story and have decided to update on both Wattpad and Pokecharms, so I hope it grows popular! Don't forget, if you're a Wattpad user, to check out my other story, See You Again, an Agencyshipping fanfiction. Enjoy my story!

Also, if you have seen my artwork, my Pinterest account is my art portfolio and contains all my artwork. Check it out! You can find me at Kristen Analise @pkmn4thewin