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A Trainer's Legacy: A Trainer's Legacy: Chapter 3

by KAnaliseY

KAnaliseY When Red went off on a training journey after becoming Champion, nobody really knew where he was going. He had been gone for 3 years, no word of him, no sighting, no communication. But then, one trainer who thinks he has what it takes to defeat the best trainer in the world, unearths Red's location. However, with the discovery comes a horrible secret... and the truth of Red's disappearance.

NOTE: Pokemon owns all the characters, places, and pokemon mentioned in this story. I just came up with the story line.

“Back at Victory Road! Boy, this takes me back!” Gold allowed himself a moment to reminisce about his glorious past, then forged on. He entered the building leading to Victory Road, and noticed that the guards that were blocking the left and right exits had stepped away. “Right is to Kanto, left is to Mt. Silver, and straight ahead is Victory Road- but you already know that, Champion,” the guard on the right said. “Yes, yes, I knew that,” Gold muttered as he turned to go left.

Gold flew by Route 28, using approximately twenty max repels and avoiding every single trainer (there was none). He only stopped twice- once when Arcanine gave him an umbrella, (“Thanks Archy, but it’s not raining,” Gold grumbled) and when Lyra called him to say, “If you bring a Clefairy to Mt. Moon at night, it starts to dance!” Finally, Gold reached the end of Route 28, when he noticed something unusual. “A...house? In the middle of nowhere?” Gold asked in disbelief. Even Archy was confused. Gold dashed up to it, but found it was blocked by a tree. “Lopunny, use cut!” he commanded, and the tree was immediately cut down. Gold ran up to the house. All was silent. “Archy, are you ready?” Gold asked nervously. Arcanine snuggled up close to Gold. Gold knocked. There was no reply, but the door was unlocked. Gold opened to door, and was met with a cry “EEEEEK! The media is here!”

“The media?” Gold asked, incredulously. “Do I have a camera? A notebook?” A brown haired, wild eyed woman looked up at him. “Yes, you do!” she shrieked. Before Gold had a chance to roll his eyes, she screamed, “Fearow, get him!” The brown feathered bird rose up in the air and sped towards Gold. Gold saw his life flashing before his eyes. Right when the bird was about to stab Gold in the eye, Archy leaped forward, and was a streak of gold as it intercepted the beak. “Archy!” Gold shouted as it fell over, groaning.

Fury rising, Gold turned to the lady, clenching his fists. “There’s a pokemon center… over there?” the lady said, meekly. The rage boiled over. “YOU!” Gold bellowed. “HOW DARE YOU HURT MY ARCANINE?” Pale with fright, the lady pleaded, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m just a pop star! The media’s always looking for me, so I assumed! Oh, please don’t hurt me or my fearow!” She sank down onto her knees, begging. The star’s efforts were in vain, as Gold was seeing red, and nothing could save her, anyways. Gold snapped his fingers and threw a disc into the air. Archy, who had only lost 10 HP, leapt up and caught it in it’s mouth. “Forget rock climb, Archy,” Gold commanded. “And now,” he spat. “Let’s show Fearow and this… POP STAR here how we deal with offenders. We get…” he paused dramatically. “REVENGE!” With a mighty roar, Arcanine rammed into Fearow and it fell over, unconscious. “Fearow!” the woman cried. She crawled over to Fearow and sobbed over its body. Gold pushed her aside, saying, “Chill woman. It only fainted,” as he sprinkled sacred ash on it. As soon as he emptied the satchel onto the bird, it sat up, revived.

“Oh, fearow!” the woman cried in relief. She scooped up the bird and placed it on a perch. She turned to Gold, oblivious of the glare he was giving her. “Thanks for reviving fearow. However, I don’t want to see you ever again!” she pouted, hands on her hips. She grabbed a disc and thrust it at Gold. “Here. For you. It’s steel wing. Now, get OUT!” she said, tersely. Gold narrowed his eyes. His normally bright, friendly eyes now flashed a cold, metallic gold. “The next time I receive this type of hospitality,” he growled, “ You’ll get more in return than a fainted pokemon.” Gold turned and stalked out the door, leaning on the cupboard as he did so…

As Gold sauntered towards the Pokemon Center, he heard a girly shriek, and an ear shattering crash coming from the house. “Good job, Terra,” Gold exhaled, chuckling softly. Torterra burst out of the house, looking very pleased with itself. “Looks like that pop star will be the one to do the dirty work,” Gold joked. “Looks like she has a lot of leaves and dishes to clean up!” Arcanine barked in assent. “Terra, Archy, you should get back in your ball,” Gold said. He put them back into their luxury balls and entered the sliding doors of the Pokemon Center.

Soft music was playing as Gold walked up to the reception desk. Nobody was there, except for the staff. “Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Center,” the nurse said. “We restore your tired Pokemon to perfect health. Would you like to rest your pokemon?” she asked, smiling. “Yes,” Gold replied. “OK, I’ll take your pokemon for a few seconds,” said the nurse. Gold handed over his team to the nurse, who put them in a healing machine. After a few seconds, the machine beeped and the nurse took out the pokeballs. Handing them back to Gold, the nurse said, “Thank you for waiting. We’ve restored your pokemon to perfect health. Please, come back anytime!” the nurse smiled. Gold took out Archy and put the rest of his team around his belt. There wasn’t a PokeMart in sight, so Gold would have to rely on his stash of medicines.

Walking out of the PokeCenter, Gold spotted a bald man, holding a camera. Happy to see another person, Gold ran to talk to him. Upon seeing his approach, the man said, “When you least expect it! I am Cameron the camera guy. Would you like to take a picture?” he asked. “Uh… sure?” Gold said. He assembled his team and Cameron snapped a photograph. “Thank you,” said Gold. “No problem! You can always view your picture in your PC box.” he called, as Gold and Arcanine walked away. At the entrance to Mt. Silver, Gold and Arcanine stood, drinking in the view. The setting sun flashed dancing lights across the grey mountain. At the very peak, Gold saw a fierce snowstorm surrounding it, and blankets of snow awaited him at the top. The mountain loomed over him, and Gold couldn’t help but stand there in awe at it’s majestic appearance. Finally, he shook his head and took a deep breath. “You ready, Archy?” he asked nervously. Arcanine bobbed its head and looked at Gold. Its amber eyes glittered in the scarlet sunset, and its sleek, golden fur shined like a filly’s. Patting Arcanine, Gold exhaled and ran into the entrance of Mt. Silver. He did not know what he was in for.