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A Trainer's Legacy: A Trainer's Legacy: Chapter 2

by KAnaliseY

KAnaliseY When Red went off on a training journey after becoming Champion, nobody really knew where he was going. He had been gone for 3 years, no word of him, no sighting, no communication. But then, one trainer who thinks he has what it takes to defeat the best trainer in the world, unearths Red's location. However, with the discovery comes a horrible secret... and the truth of Red's disappearance.

NOTE: Pokemon owns all the characters, places, and pokemon mentioned in this story. I just came up with the story line.

After leaving Viridian Gym, Gold was casually strolling down Route 1, trailed closely by his Arcanine. He was whistling and listening to DJ Mary, enjoying the sunny weather, when his Pokegear rang. Gold picked it up. "Hello?" he said, lazily. "Gold, it's me! Professor Oak!" an urgent voice replied. "Prof. Oak! What's new?" Gold questioned, snapping out of his daze. "Did you defeat my grandson, Blue?" Oak asked. "Yes, I did, just now," Gold replied. "Wow!" Oak exclaimed. "You defeated all the Kanto AND Johto gym leaders! I've gotta get a present. I know! I'll open up one of the best training grounds for you- Mt. Silver. You'll be right at home among all the powerful pokemon there! Also," Oak continued, dropping to a whisper. "A very powerful pokemon is rumored to live there. It's level 88, so you must be very careful." Gold couldn't help but snicker. "Well, Archy is actually level 100, so I have nothing to fear. For now, I must fly to Victory Road, Prof. I'll come down from the summit with that pokemon!" And with that, Gold hung up the pokegear.

Gold had barely taken a step when a blue, sparkling blur sprang at his chest. Gold screamed "AIEEE!" and fell backwards as Arcanine intercepted the snarling beast. The two started to wrestle each other as Gold lay on the ground panting, his chest rapidly rising and falling. From his muddle vision on the ground, Gold saw that the pokemon was actually a shiny houndoom. It was unusually strong, and Arcanine has a little bit of trouble bringing it down. This was unusual, for the wild pokemon on Route 1 never passed level 5. As he watched Arcanine chip off the Houndoom's HP bit by bit, a thought suddenly crossed Gold's mind. I need houndoom to finish my dex! "Oh, geez!" he cried out. "Archy! Stop! Move aside!" he cried as Archy was about to finish the houndoom off. "YAAAA!" Gold shrieked as he found a pokeball and lobbed it at the groaning houndoom as hard as he could. That pokeball opened up and encased the houndoom in a sparkling light. It snapped shut and shook, once, twice, three times- and snapped shut. Gold raced over to the ball and held it up triumphantly. "I completed the Johto pokedex!" Gold cried, above Arcanine's joyful barking. He sent the pokemon to his PC and called out his dragonite. "Dragonite, take me to victory road, " Gold commanded. He put his Arcanine in its pokeball and hopped on Dragonite's back. As they took off, Gold could see the majestic mountain in the distance. "Mount Silver, here we come!" Gold cried, and then they sped off into the rising sun.


*It was freezing atop Mt. Silver. There wasn't a soul in sight- except for one, his back turned to the howling wind, facing the infinite expanse of frothing snow. He wasn't cold, nor was his pikachu. But, for the first time in three years, the Kanto Champion smiled. He felt someone coming for him, someone who would finally let him rest in peace.*