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A time for magic

by NonAnalogue

kalina magic.png
NonAnalogue “W-what you did…” Kalina knelt down, bracing herself on one knee. This would require precision, and she didn’t think falling over in the middle of a spell would lend her statement much credence.

“I can’t j-just… ignore it!” She felt it in her veins, a tidal wave of energy flowing through her body and exploding from her fingers. Lavender light, at once both fierce and comforting, poured out into the chamber around her. Her vision blurred, but she kept her gaze focused on the figure in front of her - the one poised over Pascale’s prone body.

The air in the room grew heavy with the presence of magical energy. Kalina felt her hair begin to frizz. Her book floated gently at her side. She wasn’t sure, but she could almost feel it… cheering her on?