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A Tale of Thunder and Fire: A Tale of Thunder and Fire: Shadows Over Ionia (Cover)

by NightRaven

NightRaven Well, this is the cover of a new series I am creating. The cover doesn't show the main characters, but symbols to represent them instead; one being a phoenix and one being a "Thunderbird" as it would be known.
The phoenix is female and named Ignius after one of the words fire is derived from; Ignis.
The Thunderbird doesn't have a final name yet; I'm tiphinking about it being Thor as it is after one of the words thunder is derived from, but it may be Thunder.
I also managed to solve the problem about the crashing; apparently, it appears my iPad doesn't have enough space to download the free fonts, so I have to stick to the originals. Soon, I'll try to fix it. (Or maybe the fonts are just glitched.)
I hope you enjoy!
  1. NightRaven
    Thank you! ^^ I'm not very good at drawing birds, but I actually managed to, this time.
    Apr 23, 2016
  2. Crazy Umbreon Lady
    Crazy Umbreon Lady
    This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Apr 23, 2016
    NightRaven likes this.