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A Swampert's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke Tale: A Swampert's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke Tale: Part One, Establishing Rules

by Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke

Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke #summercamp15
Rule No. 1: Everybody knows this, you HAVE to name your Pokemon
Rule No. 2: Everybody knows this one as well, when a Pokemon faints its dead. You must release it, or let it rot in the P.C for eternity
Rule No. 3: Poke-ball clause, the nuzlocke does not officially start until you have poke-balls, and are able to catch Pokemon
Rule No. 4: One route = one Pokemon, if you accidentally faint it, then tough luck
Rule No. 5: Dupes clause, if you run into a Pokemon you have all ready caught, and its still alive you are allowed to look for a different Pokemon in that route
Rule No. 6: Shiny clause, if you run into a shiny, regardless if you have already caught a pokemon in that route....... CATCH IT!!!!!
Rule No. 6: Gift clause, allowing the use of gift Pokemon and counting it as an "encounter" in the city you received it