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Pokémon Kalos journeys: A sum it up for "For the ring 2"

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer I'm done here's what was gonna happen
Ok so Bryce was gonna (get ready) defeat the Shalour city gym,blow up Cylagge city and a water route with NUKES get to Coumarine city burn up 7/8 of the gym with his newly evolved Delphox and he found a item in the gym it was a Venusaurite his Ivysaur evolved into a Venusaur along with Pidgeotto evolving to Pidgeot and Honedge to Doublade and that's it also he got a mega ring from going pickpocket on Korrina and that's it so we're caught up to Bryce on his game so he's now gonna continue his game then bam badges galore the end