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A strange encounter

by _Umbreon_

_Umbreon_ A unique encounter, with a beautiful legendary, and a sick child.
Veronica had run away. Again. To get away from her mother, whose words stang like that time she burned her hands from twisting her swing ropes too hard. They hurt deep. "If you like Pokemon so much, why don't you just get lost in the forest and never come back!" She yelled, clearly having a little too much drink. And after her father had left, no one had been spared from their parental units snappy nature. So Veronica busied herself with the forest and what dwelled in this safehaven of warmth and nuturement. A Leafeon was busy, leading her pups to the nearby brook, not even minding as a few pups scampered over to the young female, who promptly crouched down to say hello. The Leafeon, lay in the sun contently as a few of her pups suckled, the father, who was an Umbreon say nearby, guarding from some of the many prankster Pokemon that liked to taunt the small pups. Veronica loved to watch them, but she wanted to explore more. She gently picked up the few remaining pups, and set them beside their mother, before turning and continuing down the path, deeper, into pinwheel forest.

It wasn't very long, before she had stumbled off the path, and gotten drowsy in the warm and humid summer air. She looked around, realizing she was lost. She was surrounded by meadows for what seemed miles. This place seemed full of life, and she climbed up into one of the sparse trees, looking around, and being able to see, plenty of types of Pokemon. She smiled, counting the different species. And then her eyes shirt as she slumped against the branch her vision struggling as the warm inky black overwhelmed her. 'Her escape. She could leave this place for a little while. Deal with the verbal assault later. Yes. Sleep was nice.' She thought to herself her face leaned up against the branch as she passed out.

When she awoke, the air was dead quiet. It was dusk now, the girl having slept and been undisturbed for several hours. She sat up, startled by a large shadow flitting avcross the field , screaming as she fell out of the branch, hitting her head on a rather large rock, blacking out temporarily. Her body twitched softly, trying to reset itself. The shadowy figure poked its head through the reeds. It was a pastel blue. That's all Veronica could see, as her eyes refocused, rubbing her head. This blue thing had purplish hair, and a crown like formation on its head. And it walked on all fours. Her mind drifted to a children's tale, but she couldn't remember the details, or why it seemed important.

This Canid creature hesitated, hearing this soft fleshy thing moan in pain. It picked up the teenager, by the scruff of her shirt, and set it on its back. The creature felt the smaller beings hand clutch into its mane, clearly confused, and possibly scared. It could smell the creatures foot steps, and it traced the, back. Humans weren't supposed to be this far out into the reserve, and it wondered how such a small human had managed to get here alone, and seemingly without provisions. It sighed quietly. 'Why couldn't humans just stay where they were supposed to' it thought, following the trail. Whenever it moved the creature, it seemed to cry out in soft gasps of pain. After about half an hour of this moaning, the Dog like Pokemon, rolled Veronica off its back, examining her. She had a welt on her head, but it's body seemed to be covered in bruises. It growled, helping the female onto its back, before continuing down the trail.

It finally made it to the humans humble abode, nothing special of course, Veronica's mother spent all her money on drink. The drunken woman came outside cursing and yelling not paying attention, until she heard the unearthly growl come from the forest. This was not some child's Pokemon. Suicume emerged from the forest glaring at the mother and helping the child to the ground, allowing her to use its body as a support. The mother gawped at the legendary dog, dropping her beer, and shuddering as it drew closer. It huffed, staring at her with its bright red eyes. This seemed like an ample warning to the woman, who nodded and ushered Veronica inside. Veronica turned, as the Being entered the forest, glancing back to look at the girl one more time, before disappearing.