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Emotional Stories: A Story But Hidden In Plain Sight

by Luke The Riolu

Luke The Riolu Hope you're prepared to read this, many secrets will be unfold and yet to be related to my new comic get ready to theorise this
"March 13th, House burnt down, none survived, fire caused chaos into Viridian Forest". . . "TOTAL CHAOS, FOREST FIRE, FAMILY DEAD" . . . "REGIONS WORKED TOGETHER TO PUT OUT KANTO'S FIRE OUTRAGE" . . . "Viridian burst to flames caused half of region to burn" . . . "Man with new mysterious sickness threatens human race"
It was that day where my story started. I can't stop myself from remembering that night. . . That day where everything I had was taken away from me.

March 13th, 2002 - Viridian Forest, Kanto

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining Pidgeys chirping Oddish rustling in the bushes, I was heading to school near Bill's house. The school was hiring him to explain to us students about transferring Pokemon in and out of PC systems and how they are sent back to where they got their PokeDex. I felt so relaxed while walking to school, listening to Pidgeys and Spearows singing, that morning I even saw a Fearow soaring through the sky, the majestic Eagle like creature spreading out its 2.4 ft long wings, we don't see them flying often as they only do when they emigrate or when their food supply is out. As I kept walking on my path I made my way to Cerulean City, I saw Misty opening her gym early that day, I waved at her and she waved back, a short hello to the Gym Leader of Cerulean. Finally I made it to school after a few minutes. I got into class and started chatting with my friends. Not long later my teacher got into the classroom. She began with a revision of our previous lesson "Johto's Creatures", she first asked us if we know about the electric sheep Pokemon. I know that ot was Mareep but I let the amateurs do the work. A kid said Marill, another said Sudowoodo, I sat silently feeling sorry for their stupidity, but I didn't look down on every classmate there was one kid who was smart like me her name was Helen, she raised her hand confidently, stood up and answered that the electric sheep Pokemon is Mareep, which evolves into Flaffy and to a final state of evolution Ampharos but acording to the new discovery of Mega Evolution Ampharos can Mega Evolve as well. I was astonished that she knew about Mega Evolution, there were no information about them here only the people that could have had relatives from that specific region that did had Mega Evo which is what I call them for short can only gather information about that except for the school's teacher ofcourse, they are all outer region civilians. Helen and I were closed friends we always tease the kids who couldn't answer the questions. Every quiz, every tests we all got straight A's. The day passed away quicker than I'd expect it to normally. I began my trail back home again, this time I got help from Helen's brother He rides me on his bike to my home everyday and then goes home with Helen later. But something quite shocking happened to day, it was a dream . . . A dream that came true . . . Only the odd thing was . . . It was a nightmare.
Viridian Forest, All the Forestsy, Grassy plains near by was cloaked in a red ocean of fire. Helen's brother and Helen freaked out and left me there sitting still paralized by a Thunder Wave that no Paralize Heal can cure it. The crackling fire kept on spreading as I was still sitting there hopelessly looking at an old wood house . . . A House that was once beautiful now covered in ashes . . . No one left there . . . Just me . . . Just little Jason sitting in the steaming hot fire

September 9th, 2014, Goldenrod City - Johto

The waitress finally gave me my Cappuchino I ordered, even if years passed by, that accident would still haunt me, the only thing would distract me from it was some Beer, Caffein and my loyal friends. I had 3 Pokemon with me, a Charizard that I found as a Charmeleon that was found trapped under some fallen trees, a Gyarados that I caught during my travels and a Jolteon that was found abandoned in a dumpster. Although I really wished life could help me and Arceus could see me, my life is draining fast not because of that accident, but from a sickness so complicated that the best doctors in the world couldn't cure, Heavy Breathing, Tearing Eyes, Chest Pain, Irregular Heart Rhythms, Shortness of Breath, and Fatigue. A sickness that somehow happens to the people who had been lacking staying in health, using too much alcohol and ofcourse thats definitely me, they satisfy me in my sad times. Atleast I knew I'd be with my friends till that day . . . It was until . . . I was forced to give them to daycares because I had no energy inside me left to take care of them . . . Jason was no longer the trainer he dreamed of and now lying in the hospital, hopelessly.

July 1st, 2017, Mulberry City - Kanto

My journeys ended faster than I would expected, after 2 days in Johto my symptoms began to get worse, Chest Pains are more painful than ever I felt like my lungs were wrapped up that even the air inside it couldn't get out. I collapsed and end up in the Mulberry City Hospital where I was cared from the best doctors in Kanto and the other seven regions. I was fading away from life still they brought up my Pokemon for me, Jolteon, Gyarados and Charizard, one last goodbye I said to myself. I loved Charizard the most out of them but then one day it struct to my heart as it was already hurt, it got worse. The newspaper for today . . .
"Kanto's Outrage, Flames Burst From Woods Killing A Family Caused By Rampaging Charmander"
It evolved and got trapped under the trees there . . . And I set that devil free. . . And so numbers start to fall, Heart beat gets slower and slower and slower and slower and slower till 0.

My eyes were shut dead, only after that they were opened to hear my mom calling me down for breakfast, I looked to the calendar "March 13th, 2002" . . . I was confused but then as I look out into the hallway a black figure fades away.
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  1. Luke The Riolu
    Luke The Riolu
    Fit the story to find the real story, Black figures, Heart Symptoms, Devils ?? May you solve it
    Dec 13, 2017