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Pokémon Parallel: A Starter Surprise!

by Pokéboy098

Pokéboy098 Cornelia begins her journey through the Cencion region, and meets her first pokemon. Meanwhile, Marcus also begins his own unique journey.

I will have artwork for the fakemon and region, as well as maybe characters soon, but I am not a great artist, especially when it comes to people.
Cornelia lived in a small town in the Cencion Region named Felix Town. The only reason this was even on the map, as the population consisted of only a few people, was that one of the few people in the town was a Pokémon professor. Not a famous one, like Oak or Sycamore, but a good professor nonetheless. His name was Monkeypuzzle. Cornelia worked for him occasionally doing archaeology work in the ruins on route 1 nearby the town.
“Oh, what a beautiful day it is outside!” Said Cornelia joyously. “I need to stop getting distracted by it and go to the ruins.”
Once she arrived at the ruins, she found a chamber, and then she entered it. “Wow!” She Said breathlessly. “This is amazing!”
Just past the door she had just opened was an ancient egg hatchery for pokemon. “Too bad these are all too old to hatch,” she said, but then, something really amazing happened. Four ancient eggs right in front of her hatched into long extinct Pokémon. 1 of them seemed to have an aura around it that Cornelia was just naturally afraid of, while the other three seemed playful and carefree. The scary one, a formless, constantly changing, pitch black, jagged-edged monstrosity attacked and the three Pokémon, a fire type bear cub of some sort, a water type blob, and a grass type serpent, jumped to protect her. The scary one ran off through the ruins, leaving some sort of energy behind it that just dissolved the stone. Cornelia grabbed the three ancient starters and said, “Come on! We need to go!”
Once she had gotten back to the lab, she told the professor all about it. “Why don’t you keep one of these,” he said, “and then go on the gym challenge? I’m sure your mother and father will be fine with it. I’ll keep good care of the other two.”
With that, Cornelia chose the fire type one and left to tell her mother the news. “It will be a great experience for you, Cornelia!”
“But, I don’t want to go away from home...” Cornelia muttered under her breath.
“What was that, sweetie?” Said her loving mother.
“Nothing.” Replied Cornelia.
“Then be on your way. Here, take this money and these pokeballs.” Said Mother, as she sent off her daughter with a tear.
And Cornelia went off towards the next town, Alacer Town...
“I’m finally here.” Said the Professor at the small building in the big city. Magnorum was a huge city and had a lot of these little buildings which were often rented out by individuals for their own needs. Professor Monkeypuzzle happened to have a friend who had a lot of money and had bought out one of these. He said it was his laboratory, but it was so small, the professor didn’t see how it was possible. He walked in and spoke with his friend, Pluto. “So, I sent you the data, what is your conclusion?”
“I could not come to a conclusion about these Pokémon, why don’t you leave them with me and let me do some more research?” Replied the shadowy man in the corner.
“Sure thing, pal. Here you go.” Said the professor, “Oh! And tell me if you find out anything.”
“I will. Thank you.” Said Pluto as the professor left. Then a smaller figure, about the age of 10 walked out from the shadows.
This person said, “You promised me a pokemon if I worked for you. Give me the grass type.”
“Take it, Marcus. Your first mission is to head back towards those ruins. And if you see the girl who has the fire type, become ‘friends’ with her.” Said Pluto. “I’ll keep the water type, after all, an emperor must be able to adapt like water.”
With that, Marcus ran off through the streets of Magnorum City headed towards the ruins, with his new partner in a pokeball in his hand.
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