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Sunville Adventures: A Start Of A New Adventure! Part 1

by XenoRed

XenoRed Here is the first part of Sunville adventures! I don't know when is part 2 coming out, but it will be soon.
Mom- Joshua! You will be late to pick your first pokemon!
Me- YES! My first adventure day! I will pick...... Bulbasaur!
Mom- Ok Joshua, lets pack your bag with some stuff for that 3 hour flight.
Me- Flight? The lab is in the town next to us, that's 3 minutes from here, not 3 hours.
Mom- Oh, I forgot to tell you that you will be going to Sunville, a little island.
Me- But I wanted Bulbasaur! That island Is close to Hoenn, and I want Kanto starters!
Mom- Don't worry, same pokemon there and more fresh air!
Me- Oh, okay, what time do we go?
Mom- We should go now.
1 hour later at the Kanto airport
Me- Bye mom, I will miss you!
Mom- I will miss you to, but the will end once, and we will meet again! Bye
The airplane goes in the sky with massive speed
???- Hi!
Me- Whoa! Who are you, and why did you scare me?!
???- No need to yell, Im Phillip, your rival, im also going to Prof. Rob to get my starter! You can pick first!
Me- Oh! You are Phillip, sorry I yelled and thanks for letting me pick my pokemon first.
Phillip- No problem mate! But since we are rivals we cant travel together, cause I guess that's how it goes. You want to be the champion of Sunville, and I want that also. So may the best one be the champion!
Me- Yeah, but isn't Sunville a part of Hoenn?
Phillip-Not anymore, Sunville became a new region now! Oh! We are landing so lets get to the lab!
In prof. Robs lab
Rob- Hello! Im prof. Rob. Well, we all know each other, since Joshua And Phillip met, am I right?
Me and Phillip- Yeah.
Rob- Ok, I heard that you want Bulbasaur, right Joshua?
Me- Yup.
Rob- Here you go! And who do you want Phillip, Charmander or Squirtle?
Phillip- Um, Squirtle. He looks awesome!
Rob- Here you go! Now, since you two are rivals you should do a trainer battle, and see what pokemon is the best!
Me and Phillip- Lets do it!