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A Silly Pokemon Short

by Merciless Medic

Merciless Medic Just something I found while rummaging through my Documents. It's quite an interesting read, and it's been in there for about a few years. Pardon the grammar issues, I fixed up as much as I could comprehend
“Crap! I’m going to be late!”
A young woman springs out of bed and searches frantically for professional clothes to wear. Since she likes clothes that are casual or that can breathe, she doesn’t really have any clothes that look like she’s ready for an interview. She has a dress, which she found in the depths of her closet, but she worries that it would look too classy.
“Oh well… This will have to do… It would probably bring him back in time, though,” she jokes, and made herself chuckle.
She slips on the dress and brushes her long, mid-back, wavy black hair with pale purple and pink bangs madly to get all the snarls and bed-hair out. She then slaps on her deodorant and quickly brushes her teeth. She runs downstairs and nearly trips. A male, taller than her with red hair sticking up in waves, catches her and chuckles.
“What are you doing, Shadara?” his deep voice resonates out of his chest.
“I’m going to an interview with Professor Oak in Pallet Town. What does it look like?”
“It looks like you are going to an ancient ball,” he laughs. “Where’s your man? The professor?” he teased, his red-colored eyes that have cool, dark blue specks in his eyes, glint in the living room light.
“Oh, shut the hell up, Pyros,” she said, irritated, even though she did smile a little at the thought since it was so silly.
“Are you going to eat breakfast? Or are you running too late to have a little bit?”
“I could eat some, but I have to wolf it down like a hungry Hippowdon.”
Pyros chuckles and takes his time to go to the dining room, while he sees Shadara run into the room to sit in her seat right beside their brother, who’s as tall as Pyros and has spiky, yellow hair sticking out in all kinds of angles.
Their mother, who was seated at the end of the table, looks at Shadara’s dress and smiles. “Don’t you look gorgeous? Where are you going, Shade?” her pink hair with light pink highlights shine in the light cast from the morning sun through the window, and her silver eyes glint out of curiosity.
“I’m going to an interview with Professor Oak. He wants me there by 9 o’clock in the morning to ask me questions.”
“What time is it now?”
Shade didn’t even have to look at the clock to know. “It’s 8:50 and 15 seconds and counting.”
Their mother chuckles. “Alright then, Hoothoot. Eat up before you leave.”
Shade didn’t have to be told twice and she began to swallow her food, not even waiting to taste it.
Her brother she’s sitting next to watches in awe. “I’ve never seen you eat so fast.”
She gives him a look with her eyes half-lidded, almost like she’s saying, “I’m rushing. No duh.”
Her brother just chuckles and continues eating his food a little fast, as if he can’t contain his energy. Pyros comes walking in and dies of laughter has he sees Shade wolfing down her food, and he crumples to the ground and doubles over, laughing this uncharacteristic high-pitched laughter. Their brother with the yellow hair, Stror (pronounced Stir-roar, but you roll the first ‘r’), hears the laughter and nearly chokes on his own food from breathing in to laugh. He swallows his food so he doesn’t start choking on it and then he begins to laugh, and this cackling-like sound is what resonates from him. He quickly regains his composure with a wide grin on his face and his bright yellow eyes, one with reddish-brown specks and the other with silver specks, glint in the dining room light, and you can tell he’s laughing in the inside. Pyros finally regains his composure and gets up, holding his stomach. He sits by Stror, but leaves a gap between them for another person.
A guest, who came over a week ago because he needed help for his Pokémon, asked Shade and her 6 siblings why they sit like that. Shade answered, without uncertainty, that they sit the way they do because they find it easier to do things from oldest to youngest, even in seating arrangements. From oldest to youngest, there’s Pyros, Miel, Stror, Shadara, Catrina, Lorenza, and Poito. The guest asked how old they are apart. Pyros, Miel, Stror, and Shade said, at the same time, that they are quadruplets, and that they are 9 months older than their other 2 sisters, the twins Catrina and Lorenza. Catrina and Lorenza then replied that they are older than Poito 9 months, as well. The guest, to say the least, was astounded that he met a quadruplet and a pair of twins in the same family, on the same day. The guest became interested and asked about what their favorite types are, and which type they will use in a gym, or on their adventure in general. Pyros replied with Fire and Dragon types; Miel replied with Water and Ice types; Stror with Electric, Fighting, and Steel types; Shade with Psychic, Ghost, and Dark types; Catrina with Grass, Ground, and Rock types; Lorenza with Normal, Flying, and Fairy types; and Poito with Poison and Bug types. Shade then said that she would be like her mother, Lyria, and collect all 803 Pokémon, plus all their Mega Evolutions and different forms. She also wants to collect all the male and female variants, all the regular and shiny variants, and get all the abilities of each species (3 abilities for Farfetch’d = 3 Farfetch’d, each with different abilities).
This guest kept asking all these questions and kept getting all of these cool answers. This guest, a researcher working with Professor Oak, went back to the professor and told him about the Darastrix Family, a family living in a completely different part of the world – with places for all the Pokémon to live – and that it is accessible if you fly high enough over mountains to be taken to their ranch if you're in the area, or if you go with the Darastrix kids into a kind of portal, powered by their Psychic-Type Pokémon that is at the base of any mountain range. Since Professor Oak doesn’t have any Pokémon to go that high, he decided to send a Pidgey with a letter over there, and hope that the Pokémon powering the portal lets the little bird Pokémon through. The letter saying that the family is invited to go, and that one or all of them can go, but they must meet up with him at his laboratory in Pallet Town, Kanto.