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Katie's Kalos Adventures: A Semi-Average Night

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto Re-united with their pokemon, Katie brings up a topic that needs serious work.
This is incredibly awkward. Half of your pokemon won't meet your gaze, and the other half (a.k.a., Fredrick) won't look away. So all in all, you would very much prefer to be somewhere else right about now. However, despite your current situation, the night is beautiful and starry. You check your phone, pushing the power button gently and taking a look at the time. 8:32. Man, it's a bit later than you had originally thought. You stretch and lay on your back, resting your head on Charmont's stomach. There are some things that you like too much to let anger get in the way of. Like Charmont's constant floral scent and warm, round tummy. Now that is something that's irresistible no matter what mood you're in. You snuggle up closer him, and squeeze your eyes shut. Suddenly, Felix is next to you, his webbed fingers running through your hair. It feels nice, and relaxes all of your muscles in an instant. Sasha is next to come up to you, and her warm body presses against your side. Then Fredrick is on his usual perch on top of your head, his previous anger forgotten, and Paul is curled up in the curve in your body. Freezer-Burn blows the fire out, and lumbers over to Charmont's other side. This is the most calmed you've been in a while, and slowly, with the stars twinkling above you, you slip into sleep.

End of Route
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