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A Scenario

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace Well I was originally was gonna make a story about Baby since she says this in Sister Location, but I thought of a more Bloody, Thrilling Story. Hope you enjoy.
'I remember this Scenario'

Three Friends, Two Female, One Male. In the place known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria. They were locked in at Night Time, 12:00 AM Struck, an Grandfather Clock making it obvious. The Little kids werent scared, nor were happy, but were a Bit Confused.

"Why arent Chica and Bonnie and Freddy moving like they do?" A Child asked. She was a Female, the youngest of the Three, She wore Black and White Stripped Clothing.

"Maybe their just Tired?" The other Female questioned, a Bit older then the first, but younger then her Brother, the Male of the Group.

The Male stood in front of Pirate's Cove, he wore an Eyepatch along with a Hook and Red Clothing. "Foxy?" He questioned.

The two girls walked next to him, then frowned. "Bro, can we leave? I wanna go home and see Mom and Dad." The Sister asked.

"Yea, lets go." The Male sighed. He grabbed the two's hands and started walking to the exit. When they made it The Male tryed opening it. It wouldn't budge. They frowned. "Locked." The Male sighed. He turned around, while the other Females looked at the door.

"..." He didn't move. There stood Bonnie the Bunnie. But his eyes were missing, only two blank sockets with White Pupils. The Animatronic bent down, and reached out for the Male. The Male yelled. He quickly grabbed the two Children, and made a run for it. He went down the western hall, passing by Pirate's Cove. The boy stopped while the girls ran ahead. He looked back, Bonnie was moving a bit slow, but it was still on their tails. The Male frowned. He quickly ran for the office at the end of the hall. The two girls were already in. Before TheMale Entered, the door shut.....on his hand. The Boy fell to the ground, feeling enormous amounts of pain. He screamed until, the pain suddenly got worse. He yanked back, and was silent. His hand, it was, removed, all remain was blood, blood everywhere. He screamed again.

The two girls in the office cowerd in fear, shutting the other door too. They cowerd in the corner. The male stopped yelling, and banged on the window, begging for entrance. The Females didnt respond, they kept cowering. He kept banging until, Foxy came out.

The Fox Animatronic Ran down the halls. Then banging on the door, it wasnt a matter of time before he saw The male. His Jaw Dropped, as he slowly came closer. To Foxy he was nothing but a wee Endoskeleton. The Boy yelled, then started to cry. The Girls remained the way they were. Foxy came closer, until he was nothing but a few inches of the boy. He bent down, reaching for the Child with his one hand. He grabbed the boy, and lifted him up from his arm. The Boy kept yelling, and crying. Foxy simply turned around, then headed to the Maintenance Room. The Boy kept screaming till it stopped. It ended like that.

'That was the Scenario I Remembered'
There stood Foxy, in front of a Adult Male. His Friend was inside, he didnt open the door. The 1st man just shivered.

"Hope you like it, in Hell." Foxy said, before lunging at the man.

The End