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Omega Chapters: A Rocky Badge Thru a Forest

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper In this Chapter I battle Roxanne and she has to taste some diamond power.
Ok bug battles Battle 1: Win Battle 2: Win. Hey you have you seen a shroomish? No and if I did i'd catch it. Oh sorry. That not gonna fix it now I'm just gonna walk by and let you get mugged. Huh what are you??? You give me those Devon Parts. Wait no go away trainer HELP. Nope you wasted my time this is what you get. NO HELP PLEASE HEEELPP. Ok double battl... *John gets shoved by the Magma Grunt* Hey watch where your running and battle me. NO way got some scientist guy chasing me. Huh? OOOH well I don't care come back. Wait what about the battle? Nope this guys my battle now. Wait you can't oh never mind. Ok where did you g... UGH huh hey you why did you run into me? I don't care I need those parts so just move. Fine ok I'm just gonna battle Roxanne. (10 minutes later) NOO you just fainted my Mudshpert and Mr. Jay now you're gonna feel how I felt just need to borrow your shovels and dig. Wait you can't just dig in the gym. I can for the battle. How is this gonna help the battle. Ah here it is a diamond now load up the diamond gun and fire. Roxanne's Nosepass has fainted:-O. WHAT UGH here's the Stone Badge. Yes ok time to go get the second badge. Hey you have you seen a Thug with a Wingull run by? Uum yeah he ran that way. Thanks here take my card just call if need a trip across the sea my adress is on there to bye. Hhm I know YEAH on my way to Dewford Town.
  1. Sylve Kipper
    Sylve Kipper
    Have you read my first writing of the Alpha's Journal yet? It's The Thief's Strike.
    Jul 27, 2015
  2. Sylvious
    LOL! You don't care about the scientist.

    Liek if u evry tim
    Jul 26, 2015