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A Rocket Adventure!

by Popplio

Popplio Throught of being a team rocket member? Now you can see how it is!
Before we start, this is our hero with two of her friends. [​IMG] Ok. Understood? Lets-a-begin!

Chapter 1: The beginning
Jely: Huh? Mom? Dad? Where are you? Its my 10th birthday! I finally get to choose my own pokemon!
?????: John, you Miltank! Where is the girl?!
John: Sorry Marc! And don't call me a Miltank! She's in there!
Marc: Oke, lets see. Ah, welcome little Jelly, welcome to your new home!
Jely: My name is Jely, not Jelly. And no! This is not my home! Bring me back you s*n of a Mil*ank!
Marc: Stop, can you atleast take a look?
Jely: I guess so, huh. Pretty nice. Where am i?
John: In team rockets base!
Jely: What? Noooo!
John: Yes. Come with me. You need to pick a starter!
Jely: A starter?

Chapter 2: Sandslash and Excadrill

Jely: Ehm, i pick that Sandslash there, is that ok?
Marc: (laughs very loudly) HA! You can't tame good old Sandslash here! The boss ended with a big bloody claw in his face last time!
John: Oke little Jely, pick your "starter" and we come back with a mission for you!
Jely: (Sees John and Marc go) Oke! Sandslash im here to be your friend... Stand still. They are coming back soon!
Sandslash: Dun't need tu wurry! Guud uld Sandslash is here!
Jely: Why are you talking like that? (Takes a bite of a Sitrus berry that laid on a table)
Sandslash: Oh, you are not that stupid! See, they cut my tung of. If i didnt play like my tung isnt healing i would just be laid and killed with the Cubones! Poor guys..
Jely: WHAT?! They are killing Pokemon?!
Sandslash: Oh yes they are. But i need you to meet one of my friends, come Excadrill!
(Excadrill comes up from the floor)
Jely: Okay, the plan is you two. When those guys come back, we do it together and do it.. (mumble mumble mumble..)

Chapter 3. The Mission
Jely: Sooo. You need me to dig up into the Pokemon center and steal the west side of the Pokemon?
Marc: Yes. All the Pokemon in the west side are like 35 - 70 in level.
John: You just come here as quick as you can with the Pokeballs!
Jely: Okay! *lets do this Sandslash and Excadrill!*
Sandslash: We use dig to let you in the Pokemon center, then back out in the hole and we got all the Pokemanz!
Excadrill: *Are we really going to steal?*
Jely: Remember the plan Excadrill.
Jely: *Yeees... Im in.. Okay, west side. There! sneaky peaky lemon Entei..* *I got it! (Alarm starts)*
John: She got it!
Marc: Good job Jely! Lets get home and see those Pokemanzzzz!
Jely: Finally we got home!
John: Lets see on that Rayquaza!
Marc: ....
John: ITS A ******** MAGIKARP!
Jely: *Idiots.. They kill Cubones, they get Magikarps.*

The end! (Or is it? ....)