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:: An Abundance of Platinums: A Ribbon Worth Winning!

by Platinum_

Platinum_ Platinum, an on-the-rise Coordinator within Sinnoh has done his best to raise the most elegant, outstanding, and entertaining Pokemon - and use them to submerge judges and large audiences alike in awe. He now competes in the Grand Festival amidst tons of other trainers, who all want the same thing: the Ribbon Cup, and prestigiously famed title of Top Coordinator.

[ For my OC | Platinum - Coordinator | ]
"Taking the stage once again is...Platinum!"

Amidst the large Contest Dome erected at the edge of Lake Valor, Sinnoh, Platinum heard his name boom through the microphone. He was soon to stand face to face with hundreds of people who came from near and far to spectate what is said to be the largest Contest of the year. Among them sat three judges - and his fate of advancing in the Festival was in their hands. All he had to do was impress them.

He managed to barely make it past first appeal round with his Dragonair, but he was ready this time...or he wasn't. For some reason he couldn't get the welling anxiety to disappear. However, now that he had two Pokemon to work with, he hoped the combinations he had planned would come through a lot better, besides Pokemon type contradictions that he had chosen.

Stepping on to the large stage, he wore his formal attire once again: a white, long-sleeved shirt and a silken gold vest with a bow tie to match. His hair was formed in a side-swept curled style. Fire shone through his golden gaze. Tossing two pokeballs on to the stage, they both burst open in synchronization, their ball capsule seals going to work.

Lavender flames and snowflakes emitted in a furious storm pattern, swirling round and round two sections of the stage. The two elements then clashed, and after obliterating eachother, they revealed a Dragonair and Glaceon, posing heroically and enthusiastically within the core of the chilled flaming whispers.

"Lets start this off right!" The blonde cried, "Dragonair - Psybeam! Glaceon - Blizzard!" Platinum called, outstretching his arm in a pointing action.

The ice type Eeveelution leaped gracefully on to the long and slender back of Dragonite, and the two of them both opened their mouths, gathering the respective energy of both of their attacks. Finally, the two Pokemon released their moves - the psychic and ice moves gracefully (yet powerfully) catapulting forwards. Dragonair began to rotate as the two continued streaming their attacks - the pink, yellow, blue, and purple colored energy beam and continuous snowballs fusing together and surging towards the ends of the stage. As the two moves met, the psychic energy had formed the blizzard into intricately designed snowflakes, the psychic abilities allowing the flakes to give off pink hues and levitate as a border around the stage.

The numerous shining snowflakes then began to levitate higher and dance around eachother, decorating the arena's floor and sky with the elegant psychic-ice fusion.

"Okay, now Dragonair use Water Pulse. Glaceon use Shadow Ball - finish it up with Iron Tail on them both!"

Both Glaceon and Dragonair then aimed up at the snowflakes, the ice type releasing the dark sphere into the sky. Dragonair released the burst of water, however the Water Pulse took on a more circular shape - mimicking the form of the Shadow Ball. The two orbs soared robustly into the air, meanwhile Glaceon hopped on to its large dragon partner once more. Dragonair pushed upwards with its strength while Glaceon gave the biggest leap it could, before coming eye to eye with both the Water Pulse and Shadow ball in mid air. Immediately the Pokemon's tail glowed brightly before it executed two somersaults, smashing its steel plated tail into each attack once, both gaining a similarly brightened aura.

The spherical attacks smashed into all of the floating, shining snowflakes - each of them disseminating into colorful glitters, scattering to the ground around Dragonair and dissolving.

Glaceon then landed directly beside Dragonair, flashing an excited expression. Platinum continued.

"Nicely done you two!" He smiled at them. "Now Glaceon, Ice Beam rail, and then Magic Coat!"

The Glaceon then barked its name before leaping forwards. It aimed before it, and began to swiftly twist as if it were a drill. The cyan beam swirled forwards, and began to build a spiraling rail upwards towards the open aired ceiling. After it was completed, it seemed to resemble a thin, single-branched willow tree.

Glaceon then activated Magic Coat, gaining a bright vermillion aura with energized hues emitting from its blue coat. It charged at the rail it had just made, and began skating on it upwards, ascending up its path while spinning and leaping occasionally, as a figure skater would do. The ice reflected the radiant pink aura Glaceon adorned, causing its body to shine even more. The Eeveelution then reached the air, soaring gracefully as if it had unseeable wings.

"Lets finish this up with Draco Meteor, and then Blizzard with Iron Tail once more!" Platinum called out. This was the final sha-bang.

Dragonair gathered all of the energy it could before launching out the fiery meteor straight at the air-suspended Glaceon. As the meteor jetted towards it, Glaceon then released the furry of snow, aiming directly at the Draco Meteor. Instead of coming to impact the dragon move, the Blizzard actually circulated the sphere. Spinning quickly around the meteor in swift motions - the combination almost resembling a type of celestial planet. Finally, Glaceon came down upon the attack with an Iron Tail, dispersing all of the energy, sending snow and flame essence descending through the air.

Glaceon came down as well, but as it fell back to the ground, it landed prescicley on its front right paw on Dragonair's tail, balancing itself in a handstand with keen body motions.

Platinum sighed, relieved at the performance's success, and waved to the audience. He took a bow, hoping the crowd and judges would approve.