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A Researcher's Decision

by Merciless Medic

Merciless Medic For the RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/worldwide-infected-a-gijinka-pokemon-rp-discussion.18190/

I have been making this for awhile. The next one will be of Jasper and a bonus short story of Angel's decision, as well. @Keybored, you've been waiting for this, and I've finally made it.
Scattered around her room were tables littered with papers and flasks and vials. It looked like a mess, but this doctor didn’t mind, as she felt excited. She felt the adrenaline pump through her veins at an alarming rate as her heart sped. This feeling of being elated was always what she felt when she discovered something new or got close to the answer she was looking for. The answer lied in a vial she just added certain chemicals to cut the genome. The wisps of string began to form and in it, the answer to the question she’s been trying to answer for months. After many failed experiments and thousands of dollars down the drain, her replication of the Pokémon virus was complete. It was a live form of the Pokérus, the most beneficial and contagious mutagen ever existed. The Pokémon she had got this from was from her sister’s Pokemon after coming into contact with an infected Zangoose in the Hoenn Region. The Pokérus virus increased how fast the Pokémon grew, making them stronger, faster, and generally healthier. Of course, after a few days, the virus will lose its contagiousness, but the effects will still affect its host.

She wanted to jump for joy, but she had to take this as seriously as possible. She didn’t want to ruin her discovery by acting like a child now. She took the vial that had the little wisp of Pokérus, and grabbed a glass slide. She grabbed a scoopula, a piece of metal that forms a scoop with its entire length, and carefully scooped up the virus with some of its solution and carefully letting it fall on the slide. She then took it to her powerful magnifying glass, setting it down on the mobile base of the microscope and anchoring it down with the metal clasps that were attached to the mobile base of the microscope. She then twisted around the lenses until she had gotten to the smaller lens; a lens that is the least zoomed in as the others. She situated the plate, so that the virus was right over the light shooting to the lens and right where she can see the majority of her discovery. She then twisted the turret, a disc with lenses on it, around until she was to the next level of magnification. She kept doing this, adjusting the position of the base with the dials on the sides of the device if needed, so she can see it; her discovery.

She finally got down to the last and most powerful magnifying lens. She was able to see 1,500x more than the naked eye ever could and she was able to see it. Finally, after so long! Albeit, it was still quite tiny, and she’d need a more sensitive and powerful device, but this was as good as it was going to get. She was able to see the wisp of genetic material move in its watery solution, squirming around like some bug Pokémon figuring out how to move for the first time. The Pokérus, not having a host for the hour that it was alive, slowly stopped moving. It twitched about, looking for something to infect. It saw nothing. It died on the researcher’s slab of glass, underneath an inspection device, with an onlooker watching its final moments. As this lady saw her discovery stop moving, she could even see the larger organelles from within also stop functioning, losing their color. It seemed so alive; so conscious. It frightened, yet excited the scientist.

She began to write down her discovery, saying that the Pokérus had more of a mind than she had thought, and it seemed like it could achieve forethought, yet it was just the chemicals in the organelles and in the cytoplasm that told the virus to survive, as it was in a new environment. She also noticed that the Pokérus carried with it some genetic material from Zangoose, which she had seen and was familiar with. She could also see the same genetic material from her sister’s Pokémon - the one that she borrowed the sample from. It seemed that it multiplied when within a host, and if there ever was contact being made, whether it be through the exchange of bodily fluids or through diet, the virus could get exchanged in this manner, but only after they are in their infectious stage. In this stage, the virus copies the genetics of the Pokémon, so it can avoid getting eaten and dissolved by the immune system of the host. If not, they become dormant, and stop multiplying, and reside primarily in the muscles and the neural system of their host. Through the diet it gets from their host, they won’t die, and they’ll even stop apoptosis, which is cell death.

After writing everything down, and drawing the microorganism with precise detail, she took her book and pencil and left the study, leaving her place the way it was, except she pulled out the light for her microscope, so it doesn’t burn out. She then looked at the time, and found that she had been working on this discovery until 3:00 am. She needed sleep, as she felt the exhaustion come back to her. As soon as she exchanged her scientist clothes for her pajamas, and set her book and pencil down on her end table next to her bed, she collapsed on her bed. The second she did, she fell into a deep slumber, not waking up until her brothers excitedly wake her up the next morning with some news.


It was the next day. The day after the discovery Shade, the scientist, had made. The young woman, with pale purple hair color with black roots and pink tips, pale skin, and pink eyes with black and pale purple specks in her irises, had arisen from a series of flurried knocks on her door. She groggily got out of her warm, Gengar and Alolan Raichu motif blankets and shambled on over to her bedroom door. She opened it up to see her best friend perched on her red-headed brother’s shoulder. He stood five inches taller than her, being six foot and four inches tall, which would mean Shade would be five feet and eleven inches tall. It was funny, she thought, that she should be the same height as her three brothers, whom she shared the womb with at the same time. Yet, she was five inches shorter. She thanked the power of random selection and listened to what her stoked brother had to say. She wasn’t a morning person. She was about to tune him out until he started talking about what he had seen on the news: something about a cure-all. She looked up at him, her eyes half-lidded from still trying to wake up. She didn’t believe him, what with the way media was. Seeing that she didn’t believe him, her brother dragged her out of her room by her wrist, and rushed downstairs.

He sharply turned to the left, and had her see for herself. The plasma screen television showed a lady, talking about the cure-all and interviewing one of the doctors responsible for creating it. The doctor said they used the Pokérus for the cure-all, and that it was now ready to be made public. They just had the first batch of people test it out, and within a day to a half a week, they were cured of mostly everything, including mental disorders. Shade just stared wide-eyed and Whiscash gaped at the entire thing. This couldn’t be possible. There was only one way to find out in her mind. She declared to her family, who were in the room at that very moment, that she’ll leave and try out this cure for herself. Her brothers, who knew she had an interest in genetics and only merely wanted to show it to her, quickly rejected that idea. They pleaded and begged for her to not go, but she ignored them, quickly heading upstairs and getting herself ready for her departure. She decided to take her lab coat and stuffed her book full of information on the Pokérus and her pencil in her satchel.

After doing her morning routine, she then headed downstairs after grabbing her satchel that just had some traveling equipment, as well as her money. When she reappeared, her three brothers, the one she shared the womb with and her and her brothers were colloquially known as quadruplets, blocked the door off from her leaving. Her best friend, an electrical mouse that could float on her tail, the Pokémon that had been with her from birth, floated up to her. Her swirly, yellow ears were flat against her skull, and she looked up with a sad, mousy expression. She squeaked and patted Shade’s shoulder, not wanting her to go. Her eyes were brimming with tears, and Shade couldn’t help but feel guilty. But she had to do what she had to do. She hugged her dear friend, close to her heart. She then almost started crying, but bit it back as she apologized to her old friend. Her Alolan Raichu squeaked in protest and shocked her then and there, making her hair frizzy and knocking her back. Her electric blasts were always powerful, even when she was a Pichu, always leaving a smoky trail from the wounds she’d inflict.

Shade landed on her bottom and just sighed. She got up and dusted off her lab coat, looking at her friend with a farewell look in her eyes. Her eyes began to brim with tears again, and this time she apologized to her entire family. Her father and mother behind her, knowing that they couldn’t sway their daughter as she had made up her mind, hugged her, and she returned it. After their hug, they left her alone with her siblings, since they had an idea and left, going to the dining room at the back. Seeing their parents leave with heart-stricken faces, the rest of her brothers looked at each other. They knew she was stubborn, and that she was going to leave through the window at night, anyway. They sighed and moved away from the door, allowing her to pass. Shade shakily walked over to the door and right before she made a grab for the handle, her red-headed brother almost stuttered out: “Sh-Shade… Be careful…. We would hate for you to get hurt…”

Shade sighed and grabbed her brothers around their waists and pulled them into a hug, which meant to convey that she didn’t know if this cure-all was going to be what the doctor said it was going to be, but that she will be alright. She could feel their tears drop and seep through her lab coat and shirt, as they were weeping quietly from her travel. She turned around to hug her weeping twin sisters and her baby brother, who was bawling. They hugged her harshly, almost like they were trying to convince her to stay with the hug full of love and caution. Their tear-stricken faces sadly doing nothing to sway Shade; it just made her feel even more guilty, yet more curious as to what dangers lied ahead. Her youngest sibling, Poito, managed to choke out: “Be careful” before going into another fit of sobs. She patted him on the back and kissed his forehead, saying that she’ll be alright and that she’ll make sure she’ll come home.

After consoling her brother a little bit, she gave her Alolan Raichu one last hug, before saying goodbye to her family. She then turned the knob that defined her destiny and walked outside to the beautiful sound of Pidgeys chirping in the air, the autumnal leaves rustling in the wind and being blown away by the chilly breeze that marked autumn, and the sound of dead leaves and branches crunching underneath her feet. She had no idea she’d miss it this much, nor would she know what was in store for her.

She didn’t exactly have time to say goodbye to all the Pokémon on the ranch, but she would like to. Seeing that they had a lot, it wasn’t exactly wise, as she would be wasting time. She thought for a moment before thinking that maybe she didn’t need her Pokémon on this trip. She definitely wouldn’t want them to get into trouble, even though they’ve saved her on more than one occasion.

As she walked along the cold, dreary trail out of their forest and toward Mt. Moon that bordered Kanto and their ranch, she felt a cold chill crawl up her spine, an unnatural feeling. She looked down to see her shadow waving about unnaturally. She sighed and looked away from her shadow, but talked to it, saying: “Let me guess… Mom and dad told you to convince me to stay… Isn’t that right, Gar?”

A purple, bipedal and round, fuzzy ghost with red eyes slowly appeared from her shadow, floating upwards as if he was using her shadow as a lift. The Gengar fixed his gaze on the back of her head, but instead of the usual mischievous look, his eyes were shown to be sad and protective. He used his ghost powers to float a little and moved so that he was in front of her. In a series of ghastly voices, he told her that she shouldn’t go, as the cure-all probably hadn’t been given enough time to see all the side-effects, and that her entire family was worried about her ever coming back. He then said that he wanted to go with her, to protect her if anything happened. Shade smiled at how caring he was for her. For as long as she could remember, he’d always been there for her, being the Pokémon her mother had taken care of when he was just a Gastly, and helping out with the farm and taking care of the children whenever she was sick and their father was busy with inventions. He did that all to repay for Shade’s mother’s kindness. Shade felt like she wasn’t doing any good helping Gar repay her mother’s kindness, but she had a mission to do.

Shade hugged Gengar, getting the purple, fuzzy hairs all over her black shirt, black slacks, and her white lab coat. She chuckled a little at his protectiveness and shedding fur, but it quickly died down as she found herself unable to talk, as the lump in her throat began to form. She didn’t want to worry her family, but she wanted to experiment with that cure-all, with her being the experiment. She wanted to see what it was like with a person like her, a person that had an aura guardian ascendant. A person who had a very powerful aura, one that leaked on to her appearance, causing her once blonde hair and light blue eyes to become the flurry of colors they now were.

She pet the back of Gar’s head, combing through his purple, ethereal fuzz. Gar calmed down a little, and seeing that her emotions and thoughts were resolute and set on going, he sighed and nuzzled her forehead before falling back down to the ground, and hurrying back home. Shade watched as she saw a fleeting shadow on the forest floor made its way back home. Hopefully, she would be back soon. She situated her satchel, and continued her path to the Kantonian airport at Vermilion City.


After finding her way through the routes, towns and cities, she made it to the airport. After getting her ticket for a second-class trip to the region which held the hospital with the cure-all, she climbed onto the plane after a three hour wait after the inspection, and relaxed in the slightly comfy airline chairs. Luckily, her satchel was small enough to be a carry-on, so she dug into her satchel for her headphones and her iPod, plugged them in, and listened to her classical and rock music the whole way there. The only time she ever opened her eyes was to entertain herself with the take-off, the passing land and sea and Pokémon beneath them, and the landing. Other than that, she tried to sleep as much as possible. When the plane jerked right before it began to land, she woke up from her five hour reverie and looked outside to see the airport and the landing strip slowly coming toward them. No, wait, they were coming toward the landing strip. Her mind was a little off, since she had basically taken a nap the whole way.

She set her things away and got ready to get up. As soon as the plane stopped at the station and the attendants told everyone that it was alright to stand up, she shot upwards, waiting for the people next to her to grab their stuff and leave, as she had taken the window seat. After the lines slowly moved, and she got enough space for her skinny body to push her way through, she dashed for the exit. She walked down the tunnel that connected the plane to the airport, and finally made it to this new region she had never been in before. She didn’t bother looking about the place, as she hurried off to the cafes, ordered an egg and sausage in an English Muffin, and hurried off with it, munching on it quickly and finishing it before she made it outside.

Because this place was new to her, she couldn’t exactly find her way around, and she couldn’t find a map of the place. She saw a taxi and waved it down. The taxi flashed its lights twice and parked next to her. She hopped in the back seats and slammed the door behind her. She then asked to go to the hospital. The gruff man on the other side of the bars that block access from the back seats to the front, grunted and headed off toward the hospital. It seemed that it would’ve just been better to walk, since there was quite the traffic today. She knew that the money would go up after about thirty seconds of being stopped and she sighed at that information, her wallet already suffering from a severe drop in money since the plane ride.

To occupy herself, she just watched the passing scenery from the windows, watching the various kinds of people, Pokémon, and even new Pokémon she had never seen before fly by her. The grand regret from her decision began to slowly sink in, filling her with sadness and guilt for putting her family through this. She couldn’t go back now, though. She was so close!

As soon as they made it to the hospital parking lot, she requested for him to drop her off right then, and gave him the money in cash, which amounted to 6,000 Pokédollars. Such an expensive ride. She nodded to the guy in thanks, who then returned the nod and headed off to his station. She then rushed inside the hospital, known as St. Beatrice Joy Hospital to the folk who live here. She looked around to see several people, most of them with crippling physical deformities waiting for the chance to be normal. She took her seat next to a guy in a wheelchair. He seemed to have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a syndrome where the joints dislocate from the slightest movements. It was quite apparent when he raised his hand for water, and his entire shoulder instantly stopped working, as it slowly slid out of its socket. The man painfully called for his service Pokémon, and an Ambipom with a service vest on hopped up and popped it back into place for him. He thanked his Ambipom, as she brought the glass of water to his lips for him to drink.

Seeing this man’s condition, Shade felt a little selfish. She didn’t have any crippling physical disabilities, but she wanted the voices in her head to stop for once, to allow her some silence in her life. She didn’t want to feel the crawling sensation in her brain to infest her and influence her actions from the delusions she’d be having. She didn’t want to see or hear hallucinations and illusions that terrified her and caused her stay awake. Furthermore her chronic Insomnia would keep her awake in the off chance her schizophrenia settled down. It was getting so bad that she was beginning to grow dark baggy circles under her eyes.

After about four hours of waiting, the people who have been waiting stood up and avert their attention to a nurse. The rooms where they will be given the shot for the cure-all, were ready. She lead the twenty-some people to the room, the room having cots lined up on the walls. In between each bed was a curtain to hide the state of the patient and to keep the patients from being spooked when having hallucinations, as well as keeping everything confidential and to calm down the patients from the activity outside.

Shade was directed to a nearby cot, which she took with apprehension. What was she doing here? She wanted to do it, but now that the moment of time was so close, she couldn’t help but become scared at the very thought that she could lose everything: her family, her Pokémon, her livelihood… Everything if the cure-all didn’t work. She had to try it, though. See how it worked by being the proverbial guinea pig.

She awaited almost impatiently for the nurse to arrive with her shot. She noticed the label on the shot, reading PKR-H-0193-035. That must be the cure-all’s name with the sample number on the end, but what was the code name? Just cure-all? She didn’t know, but she kept her thoughts somewhere else, as she felt the needle poke through her sensitive skin, and the foreign solution being injected straight into her bloodstream through her arm. She felt dizzy after that, but mainly because she hated needles. She went to stand up, but caught herself on the cot as she nearly lost sensation in her legs. She tried to get up again with a little more success this time, thanked the nurse, and headed outside. It didn’t take long for her body to fail her though, and she sat down at a bunch of chairs nearby. She supported her hanging head with her hand, as she tried to regain from being injected.

Just then, she heard something being wheeled across the hallway in a gurney. She looked up to see a man, screaming in agony as orange and red scales sprouted from his skin, ripping his clothes and causing immense pain. The scales reminded her of Tyrantrum or Dragonite, or some other Dragon-Type Pokémon. It took her a moment to realize what had happened to the guy. He had taken the cure-all, and that’s the side effect. Just then, she started feeling fine. Finer, actually. She got up, and felt stronger. Her lungs felt like she could suck in more air, and she felt faster, oddly enough.

Sadly, it didn’t last long. Her aura overreacted, causing immense spiritual pain. She saw flashes in her eyes before she collapsed.

She woke up, and saw lights zooming upward. She looked around and saw herself on a gurney and she was being taken to the ER, it looked like. She then felt immense pain on the tips of her ears and every pore lining her skin. Her tailbone ached, and her eyes burned. She screeched, and she could feel her nails painfully grow longer. Her skin sprouted purple hairs in that instant, causing insufferable amounts of pain, as well as her ears becoming pointier and longer. She screeched and clawed at her eyes and body, trying to stop the pain, but she was met with a pair of hands forcing her struggling wrists into tight, leather straps. She felt dizzy, and fell asleep soon after.

After about twenty minutes of being asleep, she had been put into a room, where other people like her had started to show the mutagen side of the symptoms. She looked at herself and saw that she looked like a Gengar. Some people in the room had traits similar to that of other Pokémon. One of them seemed to be a nurse, who looked almost like a Chansey. For what Shade could assume as her Pokémon, was sitting next to her. They both had a striking resemblance to one another. Did these people gain the characteristics of the last Pokémon they touched? It seemed to be so. Well, for her anyway.

She felt her brain fizz like carbonation trying to escape from a shaken up bottle of Pika-Cola. Something wasn’t right. She couldn’t hear the voices anymore, but her personality began to warp and distort itself. She felt threatened, constantly. She also felt hungry. She found something reflective and saw a pair of red, glowing eyes with slanted pupils staring back at her and she hissed at it, only to realize it was herself. The nurses saw that she was awake and went over to her to check her vitals and to add another dose of morphine. The needle was about to prick her skin, but something in her had overridden her body and mind to attack. She didn’t want to, and fought it for dear life, but she slowly felt her control slip.

She could only watch as she saw her body do as it pleased, straining her arms upward to break the constraints. They had broken, and more nurses came in and found Shade giggling creepily and almost gleefully. Shade took the hand that had the tranquilizing solution and held on tight, hearing a snap from the wrist and a cry of the lady as her hand arched backward in pain and dropped the syringe, the glass chamber breaking as it made contact with the white, bio-based tile. The adrenaline surged through Shade as she quickly got up and smacked the other nurse in the face and sending her into the wall, her head smashing into the white canvas and knocking her out, while the one she had broken the wrist of was crumpled to the ground in pain. She was met with a sudden force pushing her back on the cot. Someone had retreated for another dose of morphine, and Shade’s body tried her best to escape the amount of people on top of her.

She couldn’t breathe, and she was screaming at herself to stop this, but useless tears fell from her face as she realized she couldn’t gain back control. She sat there, in her own mind, trapped within the confines of her Pokémon instincts and insanity. In fact, the cure-all didn’t cure her insanity, more like it made it worse, and the cruel nature of a Gengar caused her to become violent. She fought for dominance once again, only gaining the upper hand when a nurse came in and injected the morphine into her neck, sending her into a deep sleep with strange dreams about falling in a never ending pit. She tried screaming for help, but nobody was there, and her words were caught up in her throat, as she felt like she was spinning out of control. That was all she could remember before waking up.


Shade woke up to being cold. She felt herself on the cold, hard ground in a vast room filled with people like her. Yet, there were others that didn’t have the side-effects, yet they were trapped here, too. Maybe they received the cure-all and hadn’t gotten mutated, yet. Great. Just like us, she sarcastically thought.

She looked up to see a ceiling with industrial-grade lights illuminating the dreary walls of this place. There were doors and hallways that lead to the beds of others. She just seemed to be in the main area where everyone conversed with one another and where the main assessments and living were to be held. Ahead of her, was a larger door that seemed locked on the other side. She only saw what looked to be doctors and guards on the other side and she growled at them. She looked about and saw herself in a straitjacket. No wonder she felt her arms were itchy and she couldn’t exactly feel them, either. It lacked a loop on her stomach, though, so she would be able to take it off if she were to dislocate her shoulder. She tried to stand up, but felt dizzy doing so. She just managed to sit up instead of leaning against the same dreary wall she’d been resting on since they dropped her here.

The room didn’t seem quite filled yet, since it seemed that they were still rounding everyone up. She saw someone, by the looks a man with short russet hair and hazel eyes, being an inch taller than her and looking foreign. He’s also tanner than what she was, since now her skin had been stained a purple color, with her fuzzy hairs now fully sprouted. The only thing that ached was her tailbone, which had been slowly growing. She felt her back had large tufts of purple hairs, and she smiled. She almost felt normal like this, but then she thought about her family. She began to envy this man that had walked in, the guards opening the doors for him to enter as if he was some royal among the wretched. She was the one with royal blood in her veins, she should’ve gotten that treatment. The only thing she was dealt with was being thrown in a confining jacket after having her clothes taken away and replaced with a gown, and almost being thrown unceremoniously in this large dreary prison of a room. Her anger turned into sadness and depression, however.

She almost began wailing in guilt and dejected regret. She felt miserable. She mentally mourned for the day she’d be normal, as she didn’t know if there was even a cure for the cure-all, as the Pokérus was quite hard to kill. Her emotional state caused her to lose control of her body again, however, and she was forced to control herself. Her body was quicker to react than her mind was, and the insanity and the instincts were even harder to fight back than last time.

As soon as the guards had closed the doors, she quickly threw her arms above her head. She was met with weird gazes from most of the people in the room, until she felt a nasty pop from her right shoulder as it dislocated, but it allowed the sleeves to become untangled from each other and loosen its grip on her body. After painfully popping the shoulder back into place with a grunt, she pulled out her arms and turned the jacket around, quickly trying to tear the belts off. Once the belts were undone, she threw it off and got up. She almost lost her balance again from the dizzying feeling from her mind, but she ignored it for now. She rushed to the doors that the man she had seen earlier entered from and peeked through the windows. On the other side was the hospital! But where were they? She then saw men in weird uniforms walk by. The badge on their uniforms said “The Watch”. Were they here to quarantine them? The Pokérus was quite infectious, so she didn’t doubt it.

She felt fearful eyes gaze up at her as she growled and spat at the door. She looked about the room, trying to find an escape. That’s when her large red eyes locked onto a camera lens staring straight at her. She shrieked at the camera and pointed at it with her long and dark purple fingernail, causing the machine to malfunction and short out. Sparks could be seen jumping from the device, and a little light on the camera turned on and began to blink softly. She stared up at it with awe, entranced by such a simple light.

It soon stopped as she was met with another heavy force knocking her to the ground and pinning her. It was one of the guards who had been called to stop her from escaping. He had the same uniform on, too, it was just covered with a bullet proof vest. The man yelled at her to stay down, but her body didn’t care. She kicked the man to the side, who was then sent off toward a crowd of onlookers. They backed off and Shade got on all fours and pounced on the man, tearing at his face with her teeth. The man pulled out his stun gun and jabbed her in the side with it, causing a massive surge of electricity to course through her body. Blood dripped from her teeth as the man felt his face with his fingers tracing the deep indents made in his cheek, and as Shade stiffly fell off, the electricity causing her to twitch uncontrollably and shriek inhumanely.

The man got up and, with the help of another man taller and twice his size, dragged her off to another room, so they can put her in another straitjacket with a loop for her arms and give her a muzzle. After they outfitted her and gave her a new dose of morphine, they put her sitting up in the same position and the same place she was in before. She stared at the blurry, silhouetted figures and growled softly before dropping to a deep slumber.


It’s been eight months since her arrival at the Quarantine. Since her mutation that made her a monster in her eyes. In everyone’s eyes, especially The Watch. She had gotten along quite well with the others, but they were still wary, as she would change her behavior instantly when someone said something that reminded her of her anger towards The Watch and her guilt toward her family. Every time one of The Watch members came to assess the group and instruct them to stand up and get in line, she would always glare at them, never taking her glowing, red eyes off of them. If they get close, she would audibly growl at them, showing her teeth. After they walked away from her, she would stare at them until they leave the room. Sometimes, she would even try to stalk them after they were done assessing everyone and they were all good to do what they were doing before the assessment. Oh, how she wanted a taste of human again. She couldn’t exactly eat too well, as she had a muzzle. She had to ask one of the Quarantined to feed her, which was embarrassing. Because of this, she was always hungry, and she had snapped at a few Quarantined due to her rampant hunger and nearly knocked out one of The Watch members during one of the assessments. That awarded her with a double does of morphine.

She was just so hungry. The pain enveloped her mind and that was all she could think about. Food. It tormented her, destroying her soul. She felt like death would be coming soon, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She hadn’t eaten much, just the bare minimum. Yet, she oddly had her strength. Was it from the Pokérus? Probably. She would just have to figure it out.


Several days later, she found one of the Watch Members acting suspiciously. Instead of the callous, yet calm look they would give everyone when doing their job, their gaze were replaced with a cold stare through your soul, as if they were trying to read your mind. The assessments wouldn’t take as long, while others took forever. The members would even talk amongst themselves right outside of their prison, and they’d look into this hellish hole, like they were talking about the Quarantined. A couple of them had even begun to get wary with the virus carriers that were more violent. They even dealt with more force than what was considered okay, and that alone made Shade stop trying to hurt them. Everything was inconsistent, and Shade heard whispers and rumors that The Watch were planning something for them, and it wasn’t going to be freedom.

Shade wanted to know the answer as to why they were acting in such strange ways, and what they could possibly be hiding. She knew the others wouldn’t want to find out, as they were dead set on either staying or getting out of this hell-hole as fast as they could. She couldn’t blame them, but it was the curiosity that nabbed her. Hopefully, what she wanted to seek wouldn’t nip her like the cure-all.
  1. Merciless Medic
    Merciless Medic
    This took about 3 hours to write up. 5 minutes to make the story.

    Alos, TL;DR: Shade discovers the Pokerus, finds out through her family that the cure-all was made from the Pokerus, and so she tries to go, but her family warns and tries to stop her to no avail, and she goes to the place, gets the shot, then immediately starts getting the effects, goes bat-sh!t crazy, and is now in quarantine with the others XD
    Jan 4, 2018
  2. sSoul
    Also TL;DR.
    Jan 4, 2018
  3. sSoul
    How long did this take to write?
    Jan 4, 2018