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Omega Chapters: A Ralts in the Forest

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper This is now gonna be at anytime no likes or some likes
Hey John come on I'll meet you at the Lab. Ok wait up. Here John this is the Pokedex it automatically records data of Pokemon you encounter. Oh cool. and John here. (John received some Pokeballs) awesome ok bye. Bye. John wait. What? Don't forget you can come home anytime you. Yeah I know bye. John. UGH what? MY dad forgot to upgrade your PokeNav and there that's the DexNav. Thanks. Bye. Okie dokie (after the Wally and Poochyena Event) bye Wally ok time to go and get me a Ralts. Yay a Ralts dangit it's a female but I'm still gonna catch to make this easier. Ok and it's a... female ok try 3. Yes it's a male pokeball go ..... come on please awww okay try 2 and nope try 3 and yay it caught.
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  1. Sylvious
    Jul 26, 2015