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A Prophecy of Three (Book 1)

by NightRaven

NightRaven (This story will be based on three of my OC's; Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire)

"Flames, Wind, and Water shall come together...and the forest shall drown in blood..."
A prophecy has spoken of three cats. Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire think they aren't special—but they are. Being part of a prophecy without knowing, these three cats have journeyed to the forest and realized how terrifying it really is. Being "special" doesn't matter here; it's fight to the death...or die trying to survive. They are standing on a thin line between life and death every day; day by day, battles are fought, blood is shed...Will they survive in the forest for long?
Emerald- white she-cat with green markings, green eyes, and a pair of wings; oldest of the three
Ruby- white she-cat with red markings and red eyes; youngest of the three
Sapphire- white she-cat with blue markings and blue eyes
Feather- silver she-cat with blue eyes
Storm- gray tom with amber eyes

It was a rather silent night near the forest. Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire were close to their parents; Storm and Feather. The three kits stared at the forest. They had dreamed of going there, and they will make sure they get the chance to. Storm and Feather smiled down at their kits; Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire were more special than they had thought.

Hours had passed by and it was soon day. Storm and Feather weren't there as they had gone hunting. Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire stared at the forest. "Race ya there!" Emerald challenged her sisters who nodded. "See that tree? The last one there has to drink dirty water from the river!" Emerald smiled, pointing to the nearest tree as she spoke.

"On the count of three! One...Two..." The kits were ready to run. "Three!" Emerald yowled and the three took off. Emerald was about to cheat and use her wings, but Sapphire caught her beforehand. Emerald was the first there and Sapphire was the second. Ruby growled and padded to the river.

The river looked very dirty; you could even see how much mud and dirt was in it. Ruby gently lapped at it and soon gagged, backing away from it. "What's that smell?" She growled. She then spotted a rotting fish in the water and gagged again. She glared at Emerald, who was giggling.

"So, how'd ya like it?" Sapphire teased. Ruby snapped at Sapphire. "How would you like to drink water thats muddy and that has a rotting fish body in it?" Ruby spat, padding away. Emerald rolled her eyes. Sapphire soon stared at the forest.

Storm and Feather had returned with some prey. "What's wrong, Ruby?" Storm asked his daughter. "I had to drink muddy water with a rotting fish body in it because I lost a race to that tree." She growled, nodding her head towards the tree. Storm sighed. This was a rather usual thing.

Feather was scolding Emerald and Sapphire for doing that and the two kits nodded, sighing. Ruby picked a small piece of prey and began to eat, as did Sapphire and Emerald. Storm and Feather ate last. Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby began to play with each other, playing some form of "tag". Emerald pawed Sapphire's forehead and rushed away, Sapphire running after Emerald.

Ruby was an open target and so Sapphire charged at her sister, who rushed away. Sapphire tried to get Ruby towards the water as she knew Ruby can't do well with water as well as Emerald; they'd just flail like dying fish. Sapphire could easily move through water. Ruby saw Sapphire's strategy and made a sharp turn from the water. Not expecting that, Sapphire slid into the water but she broke to the surface instantly and rushed after Ruby again.

The three kits continued to play for a while until they were curled up beside Storm and Feather. By the time night had fallen, the three kits woke up. They wandered towards the forest silently. "Ruby! I dare you to touch that tree." Emerald challenged, pointing with her tail towards a tree that was a few feet into the forest. Ruby accepted the challenge for she ran to the tree.

Her sisters watched silently. Suddenly, a loud hiss could be heard and Ruby ran off. A large silver tabby with amber eyes appeared. It lunged at Ruby and pinned her to the ground, biting her neck. Emerald and Sapphire rushed over.

Sapphire used some water nearby to her advantage, creating a ball of it arround the attacker's head. The silver tabby couldn't breathe and struggled to see. Sapphire made the ball of water explode and the tabby fell to the ground. Emerald flew into the air and dived at the tabby who got up. She slashed at him with her claws and avoided his lashing paws with her speed.

The silver tom hissed in fury. Ruby also discovered her power; she created a ball of fire and aimed it at the silver tom, and when it hit him, he yowled in pain. Sapphire covered the tom with water as he ran off into the woods again. Emerald landed gently on the ground and Ruby was bleeding slightly. Ruby rushed after the tom as she was hot-headed and wanted a re-match.

Emerald and Sapphire followed. They heard many voices and a yowl. The three kits stopped and hid. "In the name of Silverpelt, what's going on?" Someone hissed. "Three kits! Water...Fire...Wind..." Was all the silver tabby could say before falling over.

"Just like the prophecy!" Another voice meowed in shock. Many voices could be heard. "Prophecy?" Emerald whispered. "Something to do with those three elements!" The same voice yowled. The three kits seemed confused.