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A Pokemon Fanfic: A Pokemon Fanfic: Chapter Two (Through the Forest)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious Norman is just leaving Littleroot, when he decides he should visit his best friend, Lawrence. After a quick battle, the two head for the first gym, and arrive at Petalburg woods. But with their only remaining pokemon weak, they are unsure of what to do.
Scene 4

A flock of tailow flew overhead as Norman left the town. He passed Lawrence's house on the way out and decided to stop by and show him his pokemon. Norman hastily rang the doorbell. After a few seconds, no one had answered.

"That's strange," Norman said to himself. Lawrence was almost always home. Then Norman realized that Lawrence had turned 10 just about a week earlier! He had probably gotten his first pokemon without showing Norman! He stomped towards route 101 angrily, but froze when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He glanced behind him and didn't see anyone. He kept walking, but more wary now. He received a tap on the other shoulder and spun around completely this time. No one was there. As he turned around to continue walking, a big smiling face jumped in front of him! It was Lawrence!

Norman screamed while Lawrence laughed hysterically at his reaction. "Scaredy skitty!" Lawrence called out.

"What was that for!" Norman yelled, enraged. "Go, cleffa!" Cleffa popped from its pokeball.

"Are you challenging me?" asked Lawrence, smirking. Norman nodded confidently. "Okay then," Lawrence replied. "Go! Mudkip!" A strange, blue, froglike creature came out of Lawrence's pokeball. "Okay, mudkip! Use bubble!" A quick jet of bubbles came out of the mudkip's mouth.

"Cleffa! Dodge it and use pound!" Cleffa sidestepped and rushed towards mudkip, striking it with a short, stubby arm.

"Mudkip, sand attack!" The mudkip kicked sand into cleffa's face. Cleffa rubbed its eyes, and opened them, though it seemed discombobulated.

"Cleffa, try to pound him!" Cleffa reached out for mudkip, but missed horribly. "Okay, cleffa, return," Norman said, disappointed.

"Yes! I won my first real trainer battle!" Lawrence did a small victory dance. Mudkip joined in.

"Not yet you haven't!" Norman retorted. "Go! Poochyena!" Poochyena jumped out of its pokeball, ready to fight. Mudkip stepped back in surprise. "Quick, poochyena! Use bite!" Poochyena lunged towards mudkip and landed on top of it, then bit it. Mudkip fell to the ground, weakly.

"No! You've forced me to do this! Go, machop!" Lawrence practically screamed. A machop came out of his last pokeball. It looked like a small man. "Machop, use rock smash!" The machop leaped at poochyena, surprising and stunning him, allowing machop to land the hit. It knocked out poochyena with a deafening blow. This time, Norman had lost.

"Well, you snooze, you lose," Lawrence commented.

"I just haven't had as much time to train," Norman replied.

"Or you haven't spent hours every day studying. Maybe you should read up on some facts." Lawrence smirked. The smirk faded to a bona-fide smile, and Norman smiled with him.

"Come on, we should head back to the lab," Norman offered. "My pokemon need a rest."

Lawrence agreed. "Mine too."

Scene 5

After leaving the lab, Norman and Lawrence decided to go to the first gym. "We can train quickly there," Lawrence had said.

The path to Rustboro City was long, but rewarding. The boys had to go back to Petalburg, then down route 104, where many people also trained. They figured it would be a good path to take if they wanted to beat the first gym leader. She was young, but tough, and used rock types. "Don't worry, my machop can take her," Lawrence said. Norman was convinced.

Before long, the boys were on route 104. They were nearing a beach with lots of people, probably trainers. "This is great!" Lawrence exclaimed. "So many battles!"

"I don't know...your pokemon are probably stronger," Norman worried.

"Don't worry, we can double battle!" Lawrewnce seemed excited. The two friends went up to a man playing with his pokemon on the sand.

"Well, boys, what would you like?" he asked kindly.

"We would like a pokemon battle!" the boys exclaimed at the same time. "A double battle. It will be fun!" Lawrence continued.

"Well, okay. Pikachu, you ready? Krabby? How about you, pidgey? Okay? Okay. Good." the man blabbered on. "Go, pikachu and krabby!"

"Go, cleffa!" Norman was ready now.

"Mudkip! I choose you!" Lawrence sent out his pokemon, followed by Norman. "Mudkip! Sand attack 'em!"

"Clef! Use pound on krabby!" Clef and mudkip lunged into action, blinding the man's pokemon with their speed. Sand was sprayed in their eyes by mudkip, and krabby was further stunned by pound. The pikachu, however, warded off the effects of the attack and began charging up electricity.

"Thunderbolt! Go, pikachu!" The pikachu released its energy and shocked mudkip and clef. They froze in place, paralyzed.

"Uh, oh," mumbled Lawrence. He regained energy and sent out machop. Norman sent out his poochyena.

"Poochyena, bite the krabby!"

"Krabby, wrap the poochyena, quick!"

"Machop! Stop that Krabby!"

Everyone sprang into action that moment. Poochyena leaped towards Krabby, but was met with an extended claw. Trapped and unable to attack, poochyena was useless. That is, until Machop chopped Krabby and hurt him. Krabby released his grip on poochyena, who then came back to bite krabby, making it faint. It was 2 on 2. The man sent out his pidgey, and the battle was on.

"Pidgey, wing attack machop! Pikachu, another thunderbolt!"

"Machop, poochyena! Dodge their attacks!" Norman yelled. Poochyena, hearing his owner's voice, responded quickly, but machop didn't listen, and was struck with both attacks at once. He feel to the ground, limp. Part of the electricity jumped to the pidgey, though, paralyzing it.

"Darn," said the man. "Pikachu, try a simple tackle!"

"Poochyena, dodge and growl!" Poochyena sidestepped and bit the pikachu in midair! "Nice move, pooch!" Pooch gave a small bark and wagged his tail. Now he at least had a name. Norman needed one for cleffa, though.

He was thinking hard for a name when Lawrence tapped him on the shoulder and said they needed to hurry, his pokemon were weak. "Okay," Norman agreed.

Scene 6

There was one problem with hurrying to Rustboro. To get there, the boys had to go through Petalburg woods. It was dark and full of pokemon.

"We only have one pokemon, poochyena, and it's weak. We'll have to turn around," said Lawrence.

"For your information, it is a he, and his name is Pooch," responded Norman.

"Sorry!" exclaimed Lawrence. "Do you think we should go through?"

"I think Pooch can take it."

As the boys enter the forest, they see tons of bug pokemon flying, crawling, or just lying around.

"Maybe we should go..." Lawrence said quickly as he began to turn around to walk back.

"Nope, we're getting through this forest." Norman grabbed Lawrence and pulled him forward. "You first."

"Umm... okay." Lawrence cautiously walks forward and laughed nervously. "I guess it's not all that bad..." At that exact moment, a butterfly chose to jump on Lawrence's head, causing him to scream and yell, "Get it off!" until the butterfree calmly flew away.

"Hey, you scared it off! That would have been a good pokemon to have on our team!" Norman complained. "And, it also kind of looked like you were," he snickered, "scared."

"Okay, okay. I'll admit it. I..." Lawrence started, but he was cut off by a loud cry: flyyyyyyyyyy! Flyyyyyyyyygooooooon!

"What was that?" Norman wondered aloud. "Whatever it was, it sounded like it was in trouble!" The cry sounded again: flyyyyyyy... It seemed to get weaker. "Quick, follow me!"

"Uh, okay." Lawrence hesitated, then followed.

A few feet away, the boys found a large bug pokemon lying on the ground in a net. "Go, poochyena!" Norman said. "Bite through the ropes, gently. Don't hurt the, umm..." As if to answer, the pokemon let out a weak: flyyyyyy...gooon...

Poochyena cut the ropes and flygon sprang to life. It jumped off the ground and landed near the boys. Lawrence hopped back.

"It's okay, he's friendly!" Norman explained.

"I'm not trusting anybody! As I tried to say before..." But Lawrence was interrupted again by none other than flygon landing on his face. "Get it OFF!" he screamed.

"He's just trying to thank you," Norman chided. "Shhhhhh..." Norman pulled out a pokeball as silent as could be, but flygon turned his way, saw it, and flew off as fast as he could. "Who scared the cool pokemon off this time?" accused Lawrence.

"It's okay Lawrence," Norman replied. "I have a feeling he'll be back."

Scene 7

The boys exited the forest, and saw a nice little cottage by a lake.

"Wow, this place looks nice," said Norman, struck by the beauty of the area.

"I know," replied Lawrence. "Hey, let's go see what's in the house."

The boys walked up to the door and knocked. A pretty lady answered the door, and saw that the boys looked tired. "Did you boys just come from the forest?" she asked.

"Yes," the boys replied, exhaustedly.

"Well then, why don't you come inside?" the Woman suggested. "My name is Gloria."

"I'm Norman," said Norman, "and this is Lawrence."

"Well nice to meet you," Gloria said as she led them inside. She pulled up two chairs at a table and the boys sat down. The table was painted with flowers, and the room itself was filled with plants. The boys enjoyed the sweet aroma. "Do you boys own any pokemon?" Gloria asked.

"Yes, but they're all weak," Lawrence replied.

"That's okay. I used to be a nurse. Here, I'll have them healed in no time." Gloria took the pokeballs from the boys and went behind a counter nearby. She hummed to herself.

"So, is this a flower shop?" Norman wondered aloud.

"Yes! I always thought that natural cures were better for pokemon." Gloria answered. She took a bottle out of a cabinet labeled "Herbs". A few minutes later, she came back with the pokeballs and gave them to the boys. "Now you be going on, now. If my mother comes and finds out you didn't pay, she'll blow her top!"

"Bye!" The boys waved as they left. A nearby bridge led across the lake to what appeared to be a city. The boys walked across the bridge above the calm lake and saw the city up close. A sign read "Rustboro, Home of Roxanne I, the Youngest Gym Leader".

"I don't know what you're waiting for, but I'm ready to battle!" said Lawrence excitedly. "Let's go!"
  1. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    I have to try hard not to repeat the words, sometimes. Thx, @EonMaster101
    Jan 31, 2015
  2. Azur
    @Bulba the Curious I can't say exactly, bu I guess just the fluent way you can write, without repeating verbs and other words too much. I know when I wrote I sometimes do end up reusing the same verb a lot. Plus, the plot is very good and not expected or cliche.
    Jan 31, 2015
  3. Bulba the Curious
    Bulba the Curious
    @EonMaster101 :DThanks. What exactly do you like about it? If there is anything in particular...
    Jan 31, 2015
  4. Azur
    Nice, as usual! I really like how you write and the storyline.
    Jan 30, 2015
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